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Glutton’s Rage against ‘Commie Agitation-Propaganda' over Gloria Arroyo’s Le Cirque US$20K Decadent Dinner

Leave it to asong ulol (rabid dog) Malacanang blabber mouth at making a fool of themselves in their deluded can’t do no wrong attitude. Why even my “favorite” character errr senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago could not but help at raging at the scandalous affair only indicates that something serious is brewing. Or maybe not according to Manuel Buencamino who thinks Miriam Santiago was just upset over not getting invited. Ricky Carandang In Gloria the Foodie believes it was more of a celebration on the demise of her nemesis Cory Aquino and judging from the bitchiness of the dubious president it may as well be and makes sense if we go by the arrogance of this administration. However you look at this, this is wrong on all levels and I can't help and could not believe that I agreeing with Miriam Santiago's statement reported by Angie Rosales at The Tribune also cited by Uniffors below:
It sounds so outrageous and outlandish that people from a developing country should rack up a bill for P1 million. It is too excessive for the circumstances of the country.
Well, for one it should not surprise us anymore especially when she treats money whether it is from the public coffers or her allies’ as if it is going out of style that she has to squander them all.

While Santiago calls for an inquiry and the publics constitutional right to know, her recommendation for the Garcified one to apologize is just not cutting it. We have heard her apologized before on the scandalous Garcillano taped electoral anomalies and that apology if ever that can be considered one is a big joke unleashed on the people while she weasels herself out of accountability and responsibility. Do we expect an arrogant president with dubious mandate to ever show sincerity? You guessed it right because how can a habitual liar show sincerity and remorse when she considers herself above and beyond ordinary mortals like us. I tend to agree with Manuel Buencamino that Santiago was just being a sour grape when she was not invited for the upscale Le Cirque dinner drinking food binge.

The worse reaction so far comes from a rabid mad dog like dumb statement of presidential blabber mouth Cerge Remonde like a stereotypical ignorant moron dismissing the incident as communist agitation propaganda. What makes this a comedy of error is how this was reported by Inquirer, to quote:
The report “is the fruit of a poisonous tree, coming as it does from Bayan, which is a communist front organization dedicated to the overthrow of democratic governments in the Philippines,” Remonde said.

“[It] will never cease from spreading agitation propaganda against the administration of President Arroyo or any administration for that matter for as long as that administration is not headed by a communist president.”

Contrary to the New York Post report, he insisted that the dinner was a “simple” one, and had been hosted by Leyte Representative Martin Romualdez.

“What we had in New York was a simple, late night dinner because it was already late at night when we arrived there from Washington DC and of course, we were all hungry,” he recalled.
The source is clearly not Bayan Muna but Washington Post Gossip Columnist Richard Johnson. What Bayan Muna did was cite the report .Any right thinking Filipino who are living this nightmare of marginalization of the people where 10% of the population are left with no choice but to seek greener pastures in foreign lands will of course react with outrage and indignation upon learning of the decadent gluttonous dinner.

What a liar these people are and one tongressman from Quezon, representatong Danilo Suarez say it was “cheap” considering the large group but Remonde insist it was a small group. Like a fool that he is, Le Cirque did not meet his “standards” on being "fashionable"…. what moron, upscale restaurants are not supposed to be fashionable but elegant bruho. Ok So mad dog Cerge Remonde says it was a small group but looking at the list of menu course they ravaged it was clearly for 50 or more people. Unless, they ordered so much food which obviously they did like famished gluttons from the boondocks they are had ordered one too many. Exactly why they got noticed and people probably were snickering at the crass barbarian like invaders for treating the upscale fine dining restaurant like it was a pig out drinking binge kitchen. I don’t know about these people but when they probably saw the small portion they ordered double or triple what people normally eat at this place. Just look at the menu list now going the rounds of the internet and you can see how scandalous and crass these groups are as if that was the first time they encountered food in this setting or maybe it is. It is not the quantity folks but the quality of the food that you should savor on small servings but then again having a mindset where excess is the rule they truly embarrassed themselves and our nation as well.
True Filipinos share their food, so what is the point of ordering set menus if the intent was to share? Besides this is not a Chinese restaurant where you order ton loads of food to share with every one. This is an upscale restaurant in case they have not noticed where food are served in small individual portions.

Well, after 2 terms as president with all the wheeling and dealing opportunities and our tongress people's pork barrel laden riches who are so used to buying almost if not everything in the Philippines because there are quite a number of people who can be bought one thing money can't buy is........ CLASS.

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