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Cecile Guidote-Alvarez & Carlo Caparas should just decline their National Artist Reward!

No what you see on the title is not a typo, the National Artist Award really has now been transformed as a REWARD, thanks and no thanks to the garcified presidency. Gloria Arroyo it appears has been inspired by her electoral backdoor operator Garcillano. She is a hand’s on person in executioner errr executive position taking charge of every minutest details looking like a supervisor than an executive. But then again this is what one should expect in a pathetic political system where whoever is in charge dubious or not lays down the rule according to their whims and caprice.

Forget about the time honored “delicadeza” or propriety in the land of bitchiness whatever La Napoleona wants she gets, even stealing a mandate while blaming too much politics as the culprit of the nation’s malady. In so doing she has wrought irreparable damage to the credibility and time honored tradition in the selection process of the highest and most prestigious recognition we bestow on our gifted artist. Congratulations Madame Butterfly errrr Lady Madaya oooops Madame Gloria Arroyo you just succeeded once again to bring down the muck which is likely your level our past highly respected artist whose works has contributed tremendously in the development of arts and literature.

Gloria Arroyo’s Napoleonic stance is not working and will not work when it comes to dipping her nasty finger where it does not belong. Look at the attitude and demeanor of the Garcified awardees they are just like a carbon copy of La Napoleona blaming everyone else but obviously too deluded to look within themselves as seen by this statement from Cecile Guidote-Alvarez:

It is unfortunate that our country is divided by politics. It is through arts that our people can be united. I pray that culture as the nourishing womb will eventually bond together our nation toward the betterment of our citizens.
What a beautiful statement and there is no doubt that Cecile Guidote-Alvarez contributed immensely in the development of theatrical art and deserved to be recognized unfortunately she being an intelligent person ought to know better that you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Alvarez is the head of NCCA which administers the awards along with the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) and in her capacity chairs the selection committee. Whatever happened to “delicadeza?” Alvarez should know better that it is unethical and one who used to be at the forefront and pillar of the struggle against the Marcos dictatorship with her husband Heherson Alvarez surely and disappointingly has mutated into the very person they once despised. How ironic can that be? Or is it because people opposed a political adversary purely on a personal level and not based on principles? Is it all about narcissistic people that opposed anyone who tramples on peoples right because they and they alone has the “right” and “entitlement” to be a jerk? I say give it up Cecile and maybe you can still fish out your credibility out the muck and not sully and throw away your 50 years of cultural contribution that will be immortalized in shame for the sake of your children and succeeding generation to come.

If it is the “betterment” of the citizen that Alvarez is harping on, she should know that it starts somewhere. And that somewhere starts at those working for that purpose, consciously and dutifully doing the ethical way so they can be an exemplary model that we mortal citizens can emulate. Look at it this way Ms. Alvarez, why in the name of Lady Madaya would you even consider sharing an award with Carlo Caparas (Film and Visual Arts) a “pito-pito” (cheap movie production churning out movies in 7 days) komikero (Comics) who can’t even draw whose tabloid like movies are inspired and culled from tabloid headlines of gory massacres, rapes and other deviant crimes. Just looking at this komikero’s reaction should have been enough for the other awardees to decline so as to salvage the situation, to quote Carlo Caparas:

Bakit parang ako pa ang may kasalanan (Why am I being made out as the one at fault)? Why are people saying negative things about me? While I worked hard for the award, I never asked for the government to give it to me.

Is this guy serious or seriously deluded? He really believes that he earned the award. Oh please Carlo, have mercy on the past awardees some of whom who are deceased are tossing and turning in their grave at the desecration and mangling of the revered National Artist award to a joker like you. They are legitimate exemplary talents and geniuses that you will never come close in your lifetime even in your delusional bragging that you don’t intend to grow old or die.

Carlo Caparas is really pathetic, having a large brain and yet has no clue how to use it or maybe it shrunk from reading tabloids who thinks one has to be popular as a criteria to be recognized and awarded as a National Artist, as seen below:
I’m not being conceited. I just want to point out the truth. The past winners are not well-known. ’Di nila mapalutang ang award na ito. Ngayon lang ulit napapag-usapan (They can’t make this award shine. It’s only now that it’s being talked about again)
Ok, maybe Caparas is not conceited which I truly doubt but he definitely is clueless while at the same time seems to be suffering from illusions of grandeur. Fer cryin’ out loud this is the height of stupidity of a thick-skinned clueless uncultured man of the bakya crowd thinking he has arrived is so excruciatingly painful witnessing such uncouth behavior and mentality. The moron that he is, he does not realize or have a slightest clue that the very reason why it is now talked about is precisely his inclusion when he should not have been and the manner by which he was shamelessly added by the Garcified bitchiness. This nut even has the gall to come out with his own criteria citing past National Artist for literature F. Sionil Jose as just a mere writer for a school and therefore unknown as if this was a popularity contest. He brags about the employment he has generated from his tabloid sleazy movies when that has no bearing on the award truly brought our culture down the muck where Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts loves to wallow like pigs.

The National Artist Award while it has financial and medical benefits complete with project funding for a year is not a largess that any administratong can distribute according to their standards of the best bootlickers in the artist community. I say stick with the original names that the committee of their own peers selected namely:

Ramon Santos for music, Lazaro Francisco for literature, Manuel Conde for film, and Federico Aguilar Alcuaz for visual arts.

As I write this National Artists Ben Cabrera, Bien Lumbera, Rio Alma, F. Sionil Jose, Arturo Luz, and Salvador Bernal are leading a Luksang Bayan Para Sa National Artist Awards (National mourning for the National Artist Awards). The demise of ethics and time-honored tradition fellow artist recognizing the contribution, talent and genius of their peer has just been massacred by the Garcified Gloria Arroyo administration and they may have succeeded in setting us back a hundred years. This travesty is upon us because we have allowed a president with dubious mandate to remain in office with the help of her Mafiosi tongress.

If they insist on this sick lobbying to get a reward as an artist people should then just lobby for maderpaker este mother figure lover boy Hayden “Camera” Kho as he is the most “popular” and most talked about nowadays compared to this delusional Caparas. Or how about his lover Dr. Vicki Belo for sculpting who is also as “popular” if not more popular than Caparas and she is also a drama crying queer eeeer queen as she blurts out her hurt feelings over her boy toy lover Hayden Camera Kho.

If you believe Carlo Caparas..... wait that is not the right question, I meant Caparas does not and will not deserve the award as I said earlier so go ahead and sign the petition protesting his dagdag errr inclusion by Gloria Arroyo at Petition online, Carlo J. Caparas is Not Qualified to be National Artist.

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