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Our gluttonous, do-nothing leaders and languishing countrymen

It's heart-wrenching to read the posting here about the police in S. Arabia arresting officers and members of the support group KGS together with victimized OFWs they were trying to help. It brings into focus the many stories about our languishing countrymen who are in that cruel part of the world just so they can have honest work to better their lives. In this context may I ask what our government is doing to assure that our people have access to law and justice? Has there been a definitive response in words and deeds from Philippine officials concerned regarding the inhuman treatment of Filipinos by their employers and what they have done and are doing in this regard?

Instead, we have the following additional information about a thousand female OFW's who had managed to escape the tyranny of their masters and now congregate in a so-called holding area of the Philippine consulate in Jeddah, which the informant said "is like a manila city jail that is congested and lack of raw and drinking water."

Again, may I ask where are our embassy officials, the departments of labor and justice and foreign affairs. Where are those publicity-seeking presidential candidates who have been harking about their Middle East rescue heroics? For once lets get real angry on behalf of our languishing people everywhere if only to persuade our bloated officials to move their fat asses to help them!

To our globe-trotting leader of a banana republic and her baggage handlers and food tasters who think a million pesos is nothing to gorge about: Here's one more way your excesses may find a worthy outlet and for once get your citizens' gratitude in return.

Date: 8/23/2009 8:12:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time
From: mario.panlilio@yahoo.com

I just finished helping the rescue of 2 OFW domestic helpers from Taif Saudi Arabia, the 2 is at present in the holding area of the Philippine consulate Jeddah, they are complaining of bad environment at the holding area. They said that it is like a manila city jail that is congested and lack of raw and drinking water. The Female OFW's now in that holding area in Jeddah is around 1000 and it looks like that the Philippine government is running out of control in getting the OFW's justice. Most of them has pending cases against their employers and to me if not remedied soon will keep on increasing until the OFW's become old and sick in this unsanitary living condition.

According to the two almost every other day there are "takas" coming in to the holding area.

The case of the two rescued from taif is supposed to be finished now because during the rescue the Saudi sponsor is caught on the spot and jailed the two did not make TAKAS. The following day the family of the saudi agreed to pay 10,000 saudi riyals each to the two plus one-way ticket to Manila. I am thinking now if there are glitches on the agreement. The case should be followed up from POEA and DFA Manila before its too late. They were in Taif for only 8 Months and complains that most of the time Emilda is being hit in any part of her body and face anytime there is misunderstanding due to language barrier Sometimes avoiding attempted rape. The other OFW is raped 3 times and sometimes orally. They asked help from me to contact the proper people in Jeddah.

This is the info of the two Female OFW's
1. Emilda Alcayde Esiderio = from Capiz, age around 43 yrs old, married with
four childrens 1 college in Roxas city.
Celpon number= 009665-66232509

2. Luz dela Cruz = from Nueva Ecija, age around 30 yrs old, single and eldest Daughter.
Celpon number= 009665-53707541

They were rescued last August 12, 2009, I received the information about Emilda July 20, 2009 , but after that her celpon was confiscated by her madam (arabyana). The madam called me after 3 days and warned me not to inform the authorities about what happened to Emilda.

But August 9, 2009 Luz dela Cruz told me that she is also in the same Saudi family with Emilda and that they are planning to escape while their group with the Saudi Family will spend 3-days in a resort in Jeddah. So that I told Luz to be careful be safe and that it is better to inform the Philippine consulate about the escape.

So the rescue was done properly with the coordination of Saudi Police and Philippine consulate. But the problem now is the proper resolution of their case.

The recruitment agency that processed the two is WAVEX with phone number 0063-2-3026454.

The flood of OFW's coming to Saudi Arabia particularly the domestic helpers keeps increasing everyday and it should be reversed or controlled due to numerous cases now pending her in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. There is a place in Jeddah called GAndara bridge used as standby area for those OFW's runaways and wanted to resolved their case quickly by being deported by the Immigration department. The environment at the Bridge is more worst than the holding areas in the Embassy and consulates.

As an ABP member and an OFW myself this is my contribution for the well-being of our country and people and soon after my retirement I will continue to find solution in preventing the mass inflow of domestic helpers and unskilled OFW in this injusticed country.

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Dionesio C. Grava - Part-time community journalist based in Los Angeles and editorial writer at Forum Asia.

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