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Bambee De La Paz Blog Entry Libelous says Nasser Pangandaman, Jr.

Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. claims Bambee’s blog entry was libelous, tarnished their reputation and the allegations hurled against them, especially those contained in Bambee’s blog, were only meant to discredit them. What reputation is he talking about, the one on the Garci tape? Well Mr. Doronilla thinks otherwise if it was their character and reputation, I don’t see how a blogger can tarnish an already tarnished reputation if we base it on Armando Doronilla's Blog Power article description below:
The ugly face of warlord culture returned with a vengeance in the supposedly civilized ambience of golf fairways where gorillas are not expected to be seen cavorting on the manicured green.
Hoodlum Nasser PangandamanThe mere fact that the Pangandaman’s both public official was involved in a “brawl” which was more of beating up a 14 year old and a 56 year old father tells a lot about their character, image, and reputation so what is there to sully?

One thing for sure DAR secretary Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. did not prevent his sons and their companions together with their high powered firearm carrying bodyguards from mauling the victims and now he complains about the “one-sided” account on Bambee’s blog. What is clearly one-sided is the way armed group of grown men mauled Bino a child and his 56 years old father Delfin De La Paz, excuse me but I don’t think anyone in his right mind is buying this baloney.

What is worse and if proven to be accurate is the statement of Raymond Fortun that the “upright” Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. did not just do anything to stop the fight but was hurling invectives at the victims is not exactly one with a good character trait. That was like egging and pushing his sons to beat up the crap out of the victims, a very ungentle manlike behavior I should say and coming from a high ranking official brings shame to his office and position.

The message sent here is very clear, don't mess with the gorillas errr those in the cheat ooops seat of power and they will slap you with a string of cases even ridiculous child abuse kuno for exposing the 8 year old Pangandaman to "danger." On what grounds may I ask? If there was any danger that their 8 year old relative got exposed to it was clearly coming from them, risking the child's safety from their own bodyguards with high powered firearms. It is just amazing that while they peddle their "truth" like a snake oil cure all panacea the De La pazes are subjected to death threats and they were supposed to be the aggressors.

The unlawyer made a good point on the perverted law on libel in the Philippines:
The general rule is that the mere truth is not a defense against libel under Philippine law. As the first paragraph of Article 354 of the RPC says:

“Requirement for publicity. — Every defamatory imputation is presumed to be malicious, even if it be true… “
The case is filed in the Pangandamans hometown of Lanao del Sur, not that they cannot do that legally but this high handedness ought to stop now. Their remaining in position tilts the balance in the Pangandamans favor made even more unfair in a justice system perceived to be very corrupt where the highest bidder wins and worst when combined with intimidation by licensed thugs.

In effect their suit against Bambee was to validate their side of the story telling a lie errr version that the aggressor was the father and son, yeah right like we will fall for that as if we were born yesterday. Offense is the best defense so to silence their opponent they resort to all the resources available to them as public officials in their turf at that truly makes this a one-sided affair.

Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. in failing to intimidate the numerous bloggers with his karmic mantra has to zero in on bambee:
He appealed to bloggers to stop accusing them on the Web. The secretary even warned bloggers against karma.

“I appeal to the bloggers to stop this. They also have their families, they have parents and siblings. Our family is already hurting. I hope this doesn’t happen to you (bloggers),” the secretary said.
Exactly why bloggers are enraged about this and blogging about the incident so that people are made aware of the dangers of getting close to gorillas errr politicians
whose uncivilized behavior is just not worth risking one's life and limb. The choice is upon us not to let these impunity unchecked and to allow them to validate their sick notion of might is right in this day and age of higher evolved civilization is just not right and unacceptable. The Philippines is a civilized society unless morons wanted to prove us wrong by wallowing in the muck of their rotten to the core abrasive abuse of power, then so be it.

We cannot abandon Bambee De La Paz and her family now, we need to rally behind them or allow
powerful clans of the warlord type of these gorillas on the green to borrow Mr. Doronillas term to not just cavort in the green but wrought injustice against ordinary citizens further perverting an already perverted justice system. We need to step up the petition and gather more signatures or we let these abrasive abusers of power trample our rights and dignity..... you'll never know because one day we might be at the receiving end of this monstrosity and all because we did not care to do something about it when we can.

Sign the petition in support of Ang Kapatiran Party's call for the resignation of DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. and his son Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. to help the De la Paz in their quest for an impartial resolution of their cases.......

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