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The good against the Bad & the Incompetent on the road to Philippine Political Manurity

Here we go again, the good against the bad & the incompetent on the road to Philippine political manurity instead of maturity with their never ending aberration so insidiously influencing our nationhood. In the Philippines the good is a dying breed and some that exist find themselves under siege by the bad elements of a place where dysfunctional takes on a different meaning. Such was the case of Governor Ed “Among Ed” Panlilio a good man with impeccable integrity taking on the challenge to fill the vacuum of leadership while inheriting the cesspool Jueteng Capital of the Philippines with an incompetent chief of foolish errr police.

Unlike other politicians (definitely belonging to the bad) like the Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. and Jr. kind who bullies and throws their weight around even in a place where civility is expected by shamelessly beating a 56 year old man and his 14 year old son over golf etiquette. The kind that Armando Doronilla aptly described in his column titled Blog Power:
The ugly face of warlord culture returned with a vengeance in the supposedly civilized ambience of golf fairways where gorillas are not expected to be seen cavorting on the manicured green.
In contrast our hope or perhaps the only one that inspire us is at the receiving end of violent out of control mob of people who thinks doing so will help their cause. Faced with people thinking they are entitled, but then again this is a province where Jueteng bet collectors had the audacity to march in protest for losing their source of income. Sure free spits errr speech is guaranteed in the constitution but one whose occupation is illegal have no right to complain when the government “clamped down” on the illegal activity, but not in Gloria Arroyo’s Garcified watch. One need not be a social sayangtist errr scientist to figure out that something is terribly wrong with the mindset of some people who somehow rationalize and have an excuse for everything that they feel such entitlement to be the exception because there seems to be no rule to speak of or if ever there is a rule it was meant to be broken.

You would think that since the province is the bailiwick of the re-elected president Garcified as she is and one who grabbed power the first time around under the guise of stopping the "evils" of Jueteng, the last thing to thrive would have been this illegal numbers game. Unfortunately as soon as she steps foot at the palace by the murky Pasig River the province of Pampanga took the “honors” of having the “unofficial” title of the Jueteng capital of the Philippines. It helps that you have a known jueteng lord for a compadre and a police chief that Ed Panlilio wanted replace but to no avail, which brings me back to this post last year on Jueteng Nation:
The province is stuck with an acting provincial police chief Senior Superintendent Keith Singian that oddly appears on Razon's list of nominees like a canker sore that keep on coming back. The Pampanga Anti-Gambling Council did not think highly of Singian because of his assessment that jueteng does "not exist" in Pampanga. Is this guy blind or what? This is the guy that is policing the area that seems cross eyed at best unable to identify the very responsibility that he has to underTAKE (with emphasis on the TAKE, lol) that Razon insist for the province in shameless disregard for the governors legal right to appoint his own choice of Provincial Commander. Why Mr. Razon? What is it that he does not see that qualifies your "manok" (as in chicken) to hang on to a responsibility that he may not be capable of performing.
If the big fish can get away with murder, kidnapping (such as what was heard on the Garci tape) or rape as in pedophile Romy Jalosjos, or mock the investigative panel by lying mendaciously through their teeth like Joc Joc Bolante, small fry jueteng collectors and their operators, financiers and gambling lords, and now father and sons Nasser Pangandaman desperately trying to spin themselves as the victims, others will of course follow suit thinking in their puny mind that it is the norm. After all if others can get away with it should it not follow that the 70 or so "disenchanted" members of the Federation of Pampanga Truckers Inc. (FPTI) and protesting dismissed checkers of Balas not take the capitol on a siege like a mob?

The governor the head of the province and his provincial administrator Vivian Dabu was under siege and trapped in their offices almost held hostage for 10 minutes their life threatened and in danger by the kicking and screaming mob of “protesters,” while Singian was busy pointing fingers on who to blame for his inaction and incompetence. Morons I should say and this is what their leader has to say according to Tonette Orejas:
FPTI president Benedicto Lacsamana denied that an assault was made and if ever that was done, he said it happened “out of emotions and frustrations” to press for a dialogue with Panlilio.
Say what now? So in effect this nut job is saying that they are excused for their uncivil behavior because it was out of emotion and frustration, go tell that to an upright judge and let us see if he/she will have sympathetic ear. Hmmmn, that is surely one pathetic excuse but then again another one of those exception to the rule sorry excuse which is akin to a criminal going on a rampage wanting to be excused for his dastardly crime because it was his frustration and emotion that made him do it…… what a moron. Why not go after thugs in office like the Pangandamans and let us see who is the toughest of them all?

What a bunch of idiots I should say and idiots will of course only get emboldened when you have an incompetent jueteng blind Police director to which Vivian Dabu can only utter in exasperation:
Need we request [for security]? Isn’t it imperative for [Singian] or even out of concern to inform or secure the governor or the provincial government? Were his intelligence officers at work ever?
Sacking Singian should be the order of the day but in the land of cheats where jueteng and lost revenues from quarry pillage due to honest good governance of Ed Panlilio clearly shows where exactly are the priorities of this Garcified administration.

Ok, maybe they have legitimate grievances which I really doubt because unlike these 70 or so protesting truckers other truckers are complying with the rules, so does that mean they have to be treated differently? What if Baby Jueteng errrr I meant Lilia Pineda won the election instead of Among Ed? Will they be protesting? Or how come during the time of Lito Lapid whose dismal quarry fee collection was almost nil to nothing we never saw any protest? Is it because they prefer a corrupted administration? One thing for sure when you have a collection agency that is corrupt, the so-called “stakeholders” that are equally corrupt pay less than what they should pay. Is that why they are more “cooperative” compared to an administration like Gov. Ed Panlilio’s that stick to the rules and therefore people so used to having that extra dough illegal as it maybe creates order in a disorderly province? Incidents of aberration has a way of gnawing at our optimism like a termite destroying the very foundation of our nationhood if indeed the Philippines is beyond hope and that it will take more than a miracle of biblical proportion for Good Governance to become the foundation of a strong republic…… Unless one is content with what is mouthed by the Garcified president or for Gov. Panlilio's transformation in the trapo way then we are indeed on our way to political manurity.

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