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Jose Sabio Jr. and the C.A. Corruption Controversy on Meralco vs. GSIS Case

The state of corruption in the Philippine justice system where the highest bidder gets favorable decision is now out in the open. Even Former Senator Jovito Salonga the grand old man of Philippine politics and frequent amicus curiae of the Supreme Court has confirmed the sorry state of bribery and corruption in the appellate court. Salonga in reaction to the exchange of accusations of bribery and corruption between Associate Justice Jose Sabio Jr. and businessman Francis de Borja on the Meralco and GSIS case remarked, which I quote:
It is true that there is bribery in the appellate court.

It should be stopped. The bribery should be exposed. It should be the beginning of legal reforms in our system of justice.
There, like this is something new or something that shocks a population so numbed by the endemic corruption seen and experienced in all facets of everyday life in the land of cheats.

What is odd is that while there are proprietary and ethical issues that came out of the expose’ no one seems to pay attention which Manuel Buencamino of Uniffors questions in his post, Is anybody telling the whole truth here?

Well, as pointed out by MB trained lieyers errr lawyers if there is anything they can be relied upon to do is avoiding outright lying in affidavits thus a similarity in Jose Sabio’s and .Francis de Borja’s affidavits and yet contradicts each other on major issues. The possibility of both parties telling the truth albeit selective and partial that muddles and mangles the facts confusing the public in trying to discern the real truth amidst the muck cannot be ignored.

A PR war ensues and Fr. Joaquin Bernas, dean emeritus of the Ateneo de Manila School of Law, states that the allegations exchanged by Sabio and De Borja “will not do the judiciary any good, but the investigation of the Supreme Court will.” True but in the end it is not the justices that will render the verdict on the perverted judicial system but the people will. People who have lost confidence dismissing the system as a failed institution that cannot be trusted or relied upon in seeking redress contributing to the apathy or worse escalating violence of taking justice in their own hands.

The notoriety of the hoodlum in robes as the Asiong Salongat errr Joseph Estrada once calls these dishonorable justices has been known all along and yet nothing has been done to reform the system. But then again that is expecting too much from a nation where corruption even from those in high places in the land of cheats eats this for breakfast.

The hopelessness and disappointing state of the judicial system in the Philippines really shows when even honorable people like the grand old man of politics Jovito Salonga himself is not willing to name scalawags in the judicial system in public to avoid getting slapped with libel. Despite the fact that his organization Bantay Katarungan (Justice Watch) has identified corrupt judges not just in the C.A. (Court of Appeals) but other courts as well has been monitoring and has written numerous times judicial and Bar Council and the appointing power on the need for reforms. We can’t blame him though under that scenario, unless one is prone to be on the receiving end of abuse or a masochist who savors pain at the hands of Mafiosi like judges taking them on is being suicidal.

So who will take on the bribery and corruption in the judicial system?

Despair not, it is not that hopeless there is hope in the land of cheats as shown in this new development. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit or trying to imitate a lieyer errr lawyer in search for partial truths, yikes….. welll, maybe trying to pass off hope is not exactly a bad idea, lol.

Rejoice ye poor saps, here comes the knight in his shining armor atop a white Carabao, Florentino Floro, Jr. a former Malabon City judge filed a complaint-letter affidavit asking the Supreme Court to order the preventive suspension of all appellate court justices involved in the Meralco vs. GSIS case.

Floro named as respondents in the case Sabio and Associate Justices Bienvenido Reyes, Apolinario Bruselas, Myrna Dimaranan-Vidal, Vicente Roxas, and CA Presiding Justice Conrado Vasquez Jr.

Yahoo, is this the beginning of the judicial reform Jovito Salonga was talking about? Well, maybe not because Florentino Floro Jr. is not exactly the knight in white shining armor but maybe just on top a white Carabao but in the land of cheats anything is possible like having a bar flunker appointed as head honcho of the Ombudsman, what will prevent Florentino Floro Jr. from winning the case? See if he is a likely winner judging from the Inquirer report below:
Floro himself made headlines when he was ordered dismissed from the judiciary in 2006 by the Supreme Court.

The high court declared him mentally unfit after he admitted to having “psychic visions,” having dwarfs as friends and being an “angel of death” who could inflict pain on people, especially those he perceived to be corrupt.

Undeterred, Floro filed cases against judiciary officials he claimed to have violated the law. In April 2007, he filed administrative charges against what he called the CA’s “Dirty Dozen,” whom he accused of corruption.

He said those found guilty should be dismissed from government service and disbarred.
Maybe, instead of his dwarf friends he should befriend the other dwarf by the nauseating Pasig River………… but then again being “an angel of death” he can just pay her a visit instead of befriending this powerful dwarf and do his psychic thingy.

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