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Roderick Valbuena Assaulted but did not do a Nasser Pangandaman

Unlike the brawling Nasser Pangandaman clan, Roderick Valbuena a brawler he is not and rightly so because he is a public official, a councilor in the fifth district of Manila.

When confronted by drunken foreign Korean nationals blocking their vehicular path Roderick Valbuena advised the drunken Koreans Sim Gudae, 29, and Kim Joo Min, 37 to go home and let them through. I wonder what the tough guy brawling public officials would have done in the same situation. No, I dare not speculate that they will run them over but who knows what they will do but we know what happens when they cavort in the green.

The incident happened in Malate the councilor’s turf and yet instead of beating the crap out of the drunken duo when they refused to budge he opted to alight from his vehicle and warned them that he is a city councilor and he can have them arrested. Instead of listening to the councilor the drunken duo retorted that they know of a police general and will report the councilor to the Korean Embassy while hurling invectives and slapped the councilor silly. Ok maybe not silly but he was slapped according to what he reported in his complaint.

I wonder if they mentioned the brawling Pangandamans if the councilor would have backed off, or maybe not? If the reports were accurate the Pangandamans need to take a cue from Roderick Valbuena because that is how public officials conduct themselves in public and even ordinary civilized people tries reason instead of physical violence.

The drunken duo apologized but Roderick Valbuena says he will pursue the criminal complaint, serves them right and it was reported they are still in custody. Let us just hope they are not harmed while in custody as this will negate the mature conduct of a public official and hopefully something the likes of the Pangandamans can learn a thing or two.

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