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Engaging Diaspora in Development - Lessons Learned, Challenges & Trends

A power point presentation (Oxfam Novib) at the 8th Brussels Development Briefing, 11 December 2008 on the role of migrants in investing in agriculture in their own hometown and villages.

LEILA RISPENS-NOEL - Programme officer at Oxfam Novib, a Dutch development agency based in the Netherlands providing technical assistance to Netherlands-based Dutch non-governmental organizations and diaspora organizations which support projects in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Cameroon. A focal person for themes such as microfinance, remittances, migration and development and designs and implements capacity building program tailored for diaspora organisations. An organizer and advocate for the inclusion of migration in development strategies and the active participation of diaspora organizations in decision-making process in the field of migration and development. Represents Oxfam Novib at the Inter-Agency Task Force on remittances, member of the Migrants Advisory Board (MAB) of the EC-UN Joint-Initiative for Migration and Development, International Advisory Committee of Civil Society Global Forum for Migration and Development (GFMD). During her free time, Leila is actively involved in assisting various projects in the Philippines. She is the present president of Association of Bansaleños Worldwide (ABW) - a virtual hometown association of former residents of Bansalan (Davao del Sur, Philippines) who now lives in USA, Canada, Australia, and various Asian and European countries.

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