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The game that puts the ASS in Mayor Nasser Pangandaman

The Kick GOOFBall's ASS aka Nasser Pangandaman Jr. kick out of office Game (official motto: "Kicking Political Misfit GOOFBall's ASS Out of Office like Nasser........ PRICELESS!") is definitely a good stress reliever......... after playing this make sure you sign Ang Kapatiran Party's Petition for DAR Secretary Nasser Pangandaman, Sr. and his son mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. to resign their post so as not to unduly influence the investigation and court case against them.

Hope you enjoyed the game, thanks to IA of Steliffy for alerting us on this awesome kick ass game that puts the ASS in Nasser.

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I am a firm believer of freedom of expression as well. Very nice blog!
I'm Yfur Fernandez from UP.:D

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