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What’s the big fuzz on Cory Aquino’s Saying Sorry to Estrada?

It’s the season for forgiving and saying sorry for past mistakes. Former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino did just that except I don’t know if it was due to the season or something else by saying sorry while pleading “guilty” for the 2001 ouster of deposed President Joseph Estrada in Joe de Bola’s errr de Venecia’s book launching. Here is the infamous sorry from Cory:
I am one of those who plead guilty for the 2001 [uprising]. Lahat naman tayo nagkakamali. Patawarin mo na lang ako [All of us make mistakes. Forgive me]
Alvin C. Lopez is asking Sorry for what? When he says there is really nothing to feel sorry, to quote:
Asking forgiveness for participating in the ousting of a gambler is a logical fallacy of Ms. Aquino, for there is nothing to feel sorry about what we had decided of almost seven years ago. EDSA II was no mistake. If ever there was one it was the anti-reason enthronement of Mrs. Arroyo and not the popular conviction that the corruption of a casino administration ought to be brought down once and for all. At first I thought the better half of People Power hero Ninoy Aquino must have stated it the wrong way, yet she seemed to have meant it well, and no follow-up correction had been issued for clarifying the statement.
Flashy errr Flash Gordon the senator from Zambales did not mince words in his disappointment over Cory Aquino’s public apology. Richard Gordon says he is disappointed and felt sorry for Cory Aquino and so are his friends who called him expressing their disappointment.

Leaders according to Richard Gordon must “teach” (Like a prophet I suppose?), and as such he believes Cory’s apology tend to confuse people. I just don’t know about getting confused but I have been confused all these years on why politician leathers errrr leaders are so selective when it comes to anomalies committed by their peers. Here is what the prophet errrr Richard Gordon has to say:
I have nothing against the former president [Aquino]. I have something against the fact that when we are leaders, we must be called upon to teach our people. Leaders teach. Leaders must form a face for our country, what we stand for.

We must be upright and we must be able not to be afraid to say in front of other people what we think of them if they had done wrong. I don’t want to confuse the public where we must stand. Malilito ang tao, malilito ang bata [The people will get confused, so with the children]. We must stand for the right thing.
If indeed we are to stand for the “right thing” why in the name of Garci did Mr. Gordon and the rest of the “teacher” leaders not hold sabit errr Chavit Singson liable for his role in the nationalization of Jueteng? If prophet leaders’ errrr upright leaders of the Philippines are truly teaching the people and the children leading by example on what leaders stood for then these leaders are failing miserably. Just look at Pampanga now considered the Jueteng capital of the Philippines, is it a coincidence that the alleged Jueteng Lord happens to be Gloria Arroyo’s compadre?

Not to be outdone the juvenile brigade of Gloria Arroyo spokesman Jesus Dureza touts that it was her majesty errrr their Garcified president who was first in reconciling with Joseph Estrada by granting him presidential pardon…….. True, but giving Estrada pardon serves Arroyo’s interest in the future in case she ends up the same way as the one she deposed………

Edsa II is definitely a joke and people who proudly took part in it ought to be ashamed and feel sorry for removing a dysfunctional president and replacing Estrada with another joke. Oh wait I also took part in it, yes I bow my head in shame but unlike Cory Aquino I am not sorry for Joseph Estrada but sorry for the people in taking them on a political ride in a vicious cycle ending up where we started.

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