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Be A Voice For Darfur, Help Stop the Genocide!

Watching "Scream Bloody Murder!" a CNN presentation on genocide hosted by Christiane Amanpour, one is drawn to a heartbreaking mind numbing audio visual on the savagery of genocide. Darfur is one of the places featured by CNN where after 6 years of mind numbing chaos people are still getting killed, women and children are getting raped, tortured like sub-humans, whole families are wiped out or driven out of their homes.

Sadly, the appalling genocide in Darfur continues – now in its sixth year and at the price of nearly half a million lives. Ironically, December 9th marks the 60th anniversary of the United Nations’ Genocide Convention, and Darfuri people are still suffering and struggling to survive. As the Obama administration ushers in a new era of foreign policy, this nation has an opportunity – an obligation – to aid our global neighbors in Darfur.

The Save Darfur Coalition’s "Be A Voice For Darfur"
postcard campaign seeks to ensure that Darfur is a top priority for President-elect Obama, who has already promised “unstinting resolve” to end the Darfur Genocide. We aim for no less than 1 million postcards to be emailed and snail-mailed to President-elect) Obama within his first 100 days in office. Together we can make a difference to draw desperately-needed political attention to the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

Michael Nelson sent me an email on The Save Darfur Coalition asking Pedestrian Observer GB readers and visitors to add our voice. It only takes moments to sign the pledge, a moment that may spell the difference in saving the lives of the Darfuri people. Most importantly, we can influence others to stand up and be a voice for Darfur. Simply spread the word through our personal networks including personal blogs and social networks.

If you are a Facebook user, Facebook Causes and Save Darfur just launched their new petition application for the campaign. Join the Facebook Causes and sign the
petition all it takes is just a click away.

Feel free to copy, paste and distribute this entry to as many caring people you know……..

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