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A Tribute to a Fallen Warrior

NaFFA Statement On the Passing of Filipino World War II Veteran, Joaquin "Jack" Tejada

Jon Melegrito

Until the day he died, Joaquin "Jack" Tejada - brave of heart and spirit - kept the struggle of his World War II comrades alive. Always with a sunny smile on his face, the 85-year-old warrior was a constant presence on Capitol Hill, extending a firm handshake to powerful men and women in the U.S. Congress - a simple gesture from a humble man who simply wished to remind them of his faith that someday soon justice would prevail.

And he never gave up. Day after day, through any kind of weather, he was there for them - his fallen comrades, and the remaining few who are weak and ailing, keeping their hopes alive, that yes, someday soon honor and dignity would be theirs again.

He was also there for all of us - their children and their children's children. To see him in his uniform standing proud and erect allowed us to connect a part of ourselves to their heroism and courage, to a glorious past that we will never forget.

They fought and died for us. In life, through his words and deeds, Mr. Tejada gave voice to them who are now voiceless, their souls resting in fields where blood was shed, fields now turned to verdant gardens of freedom left for us and for future generations to cherish and

We salute you, sir! As a father, a brother, an uncle, a man - you will be remembered for all that you are. You are silent now, but your voice will always be loud and clear. Because your spirit endures, our fight for justice will prevail.

NaFFAA is determined to resume the battle for Filipino Veterans equity in the 111th Congress in honor of Mr. Tejada and his comrades. Through our collective efforts, we will pass on their proud legacy to future generations, ever mindful that our fallen heroes did not die in vain.
Emerito F. Salud - A lawyer from the Ateneo law School ' 73, a member of the NY Bar since 1994, a FILAM community activist, a radio-commentator of RadioPinoy USA, he is currently the Director for Advocacy of NaFFAA REgion 1. He is also a member of the NJ Chapter-Movement for Free Philippines, founded by the late Senator Raul Manglapus, and a founding member of Kaibigan Inc., based at the Port of Newark, NJ, a support group for Filipino merchant mariners (seamen).

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