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Kathryn Fridge Ticketed for Dropping the F-Bomb in Public

In La Marque, Texas if you are prone to drop the F-Bomb you may just end up with a ticket as what has happened to Kathryn Fridge Ticketed for Dropping the F-Bomb in Public in an incident at one of the Wal-Mart stores.

According to news report she was with her 2 year old baby and her mother shopping for supplies in anticipation of the Tropical Storm Edouard got upset when she found out that the store is out of batteries for her flashlight. The following are the newspaper account of what happened:
“I turned to my mother and I said, they don’t have any f**king more,” Fridge said.

In the next aisle over was La Marque assistant fire marshal Alfred Decker IV. When the firefighter, who is also a certified peace officer, suggested to Fridge that she shouldn’t use that type of language the woman shot back that he should mind his own business.

“And I looked at his badge and I saw it said fire,” said Fridge, who was holding her 2-year-old daughter at the time of the altercation. “I thought he was a firefighter.”

So, she gave him a piece of her mind, which included a few choice expletives.

That’s when Decker took action.

“She apparently didn’t agree with what he was saying and then he instructed her to come out with him,” said La Marque Fire Chief Todd Zacherl.

Fridge continued to assail Decker.

“I verbally yelled it out,” said Fridge. “I said, ‘Can you believe he’s f**cking arresting me for saying f**k?’”

She wasn’t jailed, but the question does arise: Is dropping the f-bomb a public crime.
Too bad, but this is still the United States of America and people still enjoy their freedom to express themselves while it may be offensive it is still within an individuals right to do so. On the other hand this is not exactly a battle one wants to be, but then again this is definitely a question of how far should a police officer go in dealing with freedom of expression. It was definitely addressed to no one and she was talking to her mom while dropping the F-Bomb so should she not have the right to tell the officer to mind his own business?

If the news account is accurate, Kathryn Fridge was definitely reacting to the officer. The public disturbance was in reaction to what the officer initiated when he called the attention of Fridge who was talking to her mom. Did the officer acted based on his feelings? I think Fridge should contest the ticket and fight it out in who can drop the most F-Bomb errr I meant in court.

Watch the Video here.

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