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Angel Matos the Cuban Taekwondo Pesky Fly

The Beijing Olympics is over a feat of awesome preparation and management skills to the tune of US$41Billion the most expensive game in history but well worth it in terms of garnering the most gold for their athletes at 51 far more than the 36 for the US.

While there are some minor kinks they are overshadowed by the event in the most elaborate visual feast in epic proportion showcasing a vast array of talents and skills in a nation with a billion people.
Angel Matos the Cuban Taekwondo Pesky FlyWhen you open the windows flies will get in, this is an observation coming from reformist Deng Xiaoping as he once observed and who has a say on who are the flies will be determined by the Communist leaders prevailing mood. Of course the flies from their point of view will be the human rights activist and the pesky journalist trying to show the other side of China but as far as the Political Jaywalker is concerned the biggest fly will be Cuban Taekwondo athlete Angel Matos and his coach Leudis Gonzales.

Angel Matos was winning until Kazakhtan’s Arman Chilmanov gave him a good whopping that he fell on the mat. For taking too much injury time sitting and waiting forever for medical attention he was disqualified and there goes the fly on a tantrum rage. Here is how FoxNews described the incident:
Cuban coach Leudis Gonzalez offered no apology for Matos' actions during the men's over-80 kg match.

Matos was winning 3-2, with 1:02 in the second round, when he fell to the mat after being hit by his opponent, Kazakhstan's Arman Chilmanov. He was sitting awaiting medical attention when he was disqualified for taking too much injury time. Fighters get one minute, and Matos was disqualified when his time ran out.

Matos angrily questioned the call, pushed a judge, then pushed and kicked referee Chakir Chelbat of Sweden. Matos then spat on the floor and was escorted out.

"He was too strict," Gonzalez said, referring to the decision to disqualify Matos. Afterward, he charged the match was fixed, accusing the Kazakhs of offering him money.

"This is a strong violation of the spirit of taekwondo and the Olympic Games. The sanctions are the following and are effective immediately: Lifetime ban of the coach and athlete in all championships sanctioned by the [World taekwondo Federation] and at the same time, all records of this athlete at the Beijing Games will immediately be erased," said the announcer, reading a WTF release.

In his first match, Matos defeated Italy's Leonardo Basile, then beat China's Liu Xiaobo 2-1 in the quarterfinals. But he lost to South Korean Cha Dong-min in the semis to land in the bronze-medal match.

"To me it was obvious he was unable to continue," Chilmanov said. "His toe on his left foot was broken."

Matos won the gold medal in this division at the 2000 Sydney Games, dedicating the victory to his mother, who died on the day of the opening ceremony. At the 2004 Athens Games, he finished 11th.

If he is so desperate in winning the elusive gold he should just talk to kupit Mike and silent partner errr contract signing witness Gloria Arroyo who won Gold, Silver and Copper before the games were even held.

Well blow me down and slap me silly as long as it is not a karate kick by Angel Matos, lol, it appears that even Fidel Castro is not just just buying the "corrupt Olympic judges" but peddling it even. Castro was quoted as saying in one of his essays that the "mafia" succeeded in "laughing at the rules of the Olympic Committee," hooray for victim hood.

Talk about the Olympic spirit of sportsmanship……….. Matos will be remembered alright as the kink in the most elaborate Olympic Games ever held in history. An odd man out while athletes the world over sees their commonality amidst the diversity celebrates their oneness, he will go down as an out of place pesky fly……..but then again who the heck does he think he is?

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