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Is It a Principled Stand or Childish Tantrum?

As I watched Larry King Live after the 2nd day of the Democratic National Convention, I was amazed or rather amused at the array of guest that was in the show. What struck me most was Elizabeth Joyce of the Just Say No To Coalition a Hillary Clinton Hold-out, or was she?

Here is the text of the Larry King Live with Elizabeth Joyce (if you prefer the video clip click here) and see if indeed this was a principled stand or just a childish tantrum:
KING: We're back. We welcome to LARRY KING LIVE Elizabeth Joyce. She's in Denver, a member of Just Say No Deal. That's a coalition, a group of staunch Hillary Clinton backers who are not supporting Barack Obama.

She's co-creator of HigherHeels.com, which described itself as a forum of power chicks for Hillary.

Well, all right, she lost. She favors everything Obama favors. So why are you voting against your self interest by not voting for Obama?

ELIZABETH JOYCE, MEMBER, JUST SAY NO DEAL COALITION: Actually, Mr. King, I need to be courted before I vote for any candidate, and Senator Obama has not earned my vote yet.

KING: Did Hillary court you tonight?

JOYCE: You know what? Senator Clinton promised to campaign staunchly for Senator Obama and she did so. And I think she did exactly what she said she was going to do tonight. That doesn't mean I'm going to change my mind.

KING: If you like Hillary so much, one would gather you favor her policies and you draw a line between what policies Obama has that you don't like?

JOYCE: Actually, it's more about principle, Mr. King. I was on the campaign trail since last winter and the way we were treated as Senator Clinton supporters it just didn't wash with me.

KING: Meaning?

JOYCE: Meaning the vitriol on the blogosphere. When I was on the ground, I was harassed verbally. And I'm sorry. We're supposed to be the good guys. We're the Democrats. We don't treat people like that. We certainly don't earn votes that way.

KING: Let's say some people in the Obama camp treated you wrong. Is that the reason to have someone elected president whose policies you don't agree with?

JOYCE: All I'm saying is they need to earn my vote. I'm a good Catholic girl from Boston, Massachusetts, and I don't vote on the first date. Senator Obama is going to have to step up. It's really not up to Senator Clinton to court me. He has to do that. I get an e-mail from him just...

KING: What does he have to do?

JOYCE: Excuse me?

KING: I'm sorry. What does he have to do?

JOYCE: Well, he could certainly ask for my vote, first. All I get from Senator Obama and the DNC in my e-mail box are solicitations for money. I'd like to actually learn more about him as a person. And I'd like him to ask for my vote and not for a donation.

KING: Every time you've watched him speech he hasn't asked for your vote?

JOYCE: Well, I've actually seen him speak live, once, and that was in Indianapolis. And actually he was speaking do to a crowd he felt had already gotten his vote. He didn't ask me, no, or the Clinton supporters with whom I as standing.

KING: So what you're saying, Elizabeth, is you're open, right?

JOYCE: I am a tiny, tiny bit open, but I need to say, my ballot box is pretty closed, especially when I go home and I look at my computer and I see what hate mail I'm going to when getting for talking with you this evening. We're the Democrats. We're the good guys. We're supposed to embrace everyone. Those people who don't necessarily agree with us.

KING: All right. Was Hillary in the convention spot light tonight, although not in the role her supporters had hoped? She called on royal backers to rally around Barack Obama.

Watch this and we'll ask you to comment.


SEN. HILLARY CLINTON, (D), NEW YORK: And whether you voted for me or you voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose.

And you haven't worked so hard over the last 18 months or endured the last 8 years to suffer for more failed leadership. No way, no how, no McCain.


KING: OK, Elizabeth Joyce, how did that impress you?

JOYCE: Well, obviously, Senator Clinton wants us to vote for Senator Obama. But Senator Obama has not yet seen my vote, nor has Senator McCain, by the way. And you were right. I really do not adhere to the same policies that Senator McCain might be for. I really am a staunch Democrat. But my vote is my own. My vote is my choice. My vote is precious, and it needs to be earned. Period. The end. I just don't give it away.

KING: We can help here. What can Obama do?

JOYCE: He needs to reach out. He needs to reach out more to Senator Clinton's supporters. We need to feel like we are included in the party. I am staying in downtown Denver. And what I have witnessed by people that are wearing Obama garb, they're not really including me if I walk through my hotel lobby with my Hillary pin on.

KING: They don't pay attention?

JOYCE: I think that they need to reach out just -- not so much. I mean, I honestly -- they certainly could each out to us as much as Senator Clinton wants us to reach out to them.

KING: OK, will a lot depend on Thursday night's speech?

JOYCE: I am actually looking very forward to hearing Thursday night's speech. I think that Senator Obama could, perhaps, mend some fences and he's going to have 80,000 people, plus people around the world watching. And I think that he should certainly reach out to us as Hillary Clinton supporters because the bottom line is, he needs us. You've seen the polls.

KING: And did Hillary impress you tonight?

JOYCE: (Inaudible).

KING: Did Hillary impress you?

JOYCE: I think Senator Clinton gave a lovely speech. She spoke from her heart. It touched my heart, actually. And -- but that doesn't mean I necessarily agree with her attack at this point.

KING: Gotcha. Thank you, Elizabeth Joyce, a member of Just Say No Deal, the coalition.
I can understand women empowerment but the feeling of entitlement? Geez, whoever taunted her and her group ought to know better, but then again is it about them or what the party stood for? It's bad enough that what we hear from Republicans are silly responses it gets really comical when you see Hillary holdouts like WWII Japanese soldiers still fighting when the war was over. Will someone at the Obama camp please give her back her lollipop…….. please.

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