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Recall move initiated against Gov. Ed Panlilio

All the while I thought that the recall move against Gov. Ed Panlilio was dead when Adrian posted an article in his blog stating that GMA may discourage the recall. Apparently the people behind the recall move are not worried about the problems of La Napoleona de Gloria. Is she just losing control or they are too confident that no matter how terrible her ratings are and the numerous scandals plaguing her administration she has emerged "victorious" and unscathed anyways?

What is wrong with the Kapampangans? Ok, wrong question what is wrong with the Kapampangans if they allow a recall move against Gov. Ed Panlilio? Have they lost their sense of values? Where is the indignation or are they too busy wanting to have their Lahar pie and Jueteng revenues?

The Kapanalig at Kambilan ning Memalen Pampanga Inc. (Kambilan) a newly organized (registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission last July 21, 2008) group initiated a move to recall Gov. Ed Panlilio of Pampanga, Philippines.

The 5,000 strong jueteng collectors’ errrr card carrying members will be fielded to gather the required 100K registered voters’ signatures out of a total of 997K according to former provincial board member Rosve Henson the president of the group.

Lost of confidence and bickering he says prompted him to initiate the recall move in the interest of jueteng and quarry plunder errr Pampanga.

The Kambingan (goat farm) errr Kambilan has no plans of fielding any candidate and denies they will support Lilia Pineda should the Tongelect approve the recall although he campaigned and was the campaign manager for Lilia Pineda the wife of the allege Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda in the last election according to my source.

It should be recalled that Gov. “Among Ed” Panlilio wrote a complaint-affidavit with the Ombudsman to charge Bong Pineda for plunder, hmmmmn I wonder if this has anything to do with the lost of coincidence errr confidence.

No, there is no truth to the rumor or people should not even speculate that Lilia Pineda’s move asking the Supreme Court to lift the March 4 injunctive writ on the recount case she filed with the Comelec has anything to do with the recall move.

Romulo Makalintal one of the lawyer for Panlilio said that the recount case had effectively put a brake on the recall bid, which Henson believes otherwise. So, why did Lilia Pineda asked the Supreme Court to lift the injunctive writ?

This recall move really shows the perverted mindset of Pampanga politicians and should this succeed will only show kapampangans distorted sense of values. An excellent honest to a fault administration collecting Lahar quarry fees so efficiently and they want him recalled.

In contrast an action star named Lito Lapid with a family owned quarrying firm during his term with dismal yearly collection that took only days for the Panlilio administration and the electorate rewarded him a senate seat. Instead of rewarding Panlilio with support and encouragement for what he is doing, they want him recalled; now that is beyond criminal perversion. But then again there’s more money to be made when you have a corrupt administration as opposed to one that painstakingly administer responsibly in a transparent and accountable manner. Oh, wait is it because good governance in the Philippines is an aberration that they just have to get rid of Among Ed?

Below is a statement from Kapampangan Marangal, Inc:


The results of the May 2007 gubernatorial elections brought ripples of hope around the country that any well-meaning Kapampangan would be proud of. Shunning the usual practices characteristic of traditional and patronage politics, we elected Gov. Eddie Panlilio on the basis of his good governance platform. It was one shining moment for Pampanga that future generations can always look back to for inspiration.

We recognize the many gains that the Panlilio administration has attained for Pampanga after just a year in office. We are especially grateful for the:

  • Sincere efforts to address sectoral issues and concerns by institutionalizing structures and mechanisms (e.g. Indigenous Peoples’ Council, Youth Development Council, Persons with Disabilities, etc.)
  • Increase in quarry collections and the immediate distribution of the shares of the participating local government units
  • Convening of the Provincial Development Council after several years of inactivity
We STRONGLY REJECT the recall initiative filed against Gov. Panlilio at this point in time. A year after the elections, we are just beginning to heal the wounds of divisions through dialogues and peaceful negotiations. Holding a divisive political exercise so soon will only re-open the as yet unhealed wounds and undermine efforts for Pampanga’s progress.

We enjoin our political leaders and the Kapampangan populace to give PEACE AND UNITY a chance especially at this time when we are confronted with a global economic crisis that renders us all vulnerable. We respect the mandate that the people have accorded Governor Eddie Panlilio in the same way that we respect the mandate given to Vice-Governor Joseller Guiao, the members of the Provincial Board and the rest of Pampanga’s duly-elected officials.

While we say no to recall at this instant, we challenge the Panlilio administration to immediately implement MUCH-NEEDED REFORMS, foremost among which are:

  • Ensure checks and balances at the Capitol by not concentrating power and authority on the Provincial Administrator who holds other positions of influence. We recommend the creation of a Multi-Sectoral Advisory Council composed of experts and stakeholders in priority development areas to enhance the participatory character of the Panlilio administration;
  • Give flesh to good governance in Pampanga first and foremost. Breathe life to the campaign platform of “Daing ding Pakakalulu, Iyatad king Kapitolyo” by laying down foundations for economic empowerment to wean the people away from jueteng;
  • Offer a peaceful resolution to the impasse with the BALAS boys. BALAS being the cornerstone of the Panlilio administration’s achievements, it is but fitting to accord the BALAS workers the basic courtesy of due process in confronting allegations of anomalies. We urge Gov. Panlilio to honor his promise of unconditional reinstatement of the BALAS boys who went on strike to dramatize their protest against unjust treatment. We recommend the creation of an investigative body that will look into the alleged anomalies as basis for imposing sanctions on those found guilty and clearing the names of those who are not guilty.
Pampanga stands to lose much if we are to continue this political tug of war that has been adversely affecting our province’s growth and development. We say NO TO RECALL and YES TO REFORMS as we commit to cooperate with both the Executive and Legislative branches of the Provincial Government in making good governance happen in our beloved Pampanga.




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