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Ameril Umbra Kato is no Renegade Commander says MILF’s Eid Kabalu

The recalcitrant Ameril Umbra Kato is no renegade Commander says MILF's Eid Kabalu and they will stand behind him no matter what. So far the 4 day battle that engulfs North Cotabato in Southern Philippines has displaced 130 thousand civilian Christians and Muslims, 57 casualties on the government forces belonging to Civilian Volunteers Organizations, paramilitary and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), with just 4 casualties on the side of Ameril Umbra Kato’s 105th base command, according to MILF website Luwaran.

While Luwaran was eager to report that Vice Governor Emmanuel Piñol instigated the hostilities for protecting his vested interest of 2000 hectares of rubber plantation, they seem to ignore the houses burned down by the MILF. Some evacuees risk their lives going back to their houses during the day to guard against MILF arsonist and at nightfall have to go back to the evacuation site. They are open targets as far as the MILF is concerned being settlers not “indigenous” to the area “encroaching” on the Bangsa Moro land of their ancestors.

Luwaran the MILF friendly website if not the official site of MILF states the following on Piñol:
The fighting in Cotabato villages was triggered by Cotabato Vice Governor Emmanuel Piñol to protect his selfish-vested interests.

Piñol, second generation and remnant of Ilaga politicians in the 1970s, sparked communal war with the Bangsamoro people in Cotabato Province just so he can project himself as heroes of Christians, if not false prophet.

Unfortunately for government soldiers and civilians, they are the ones dying and suffering.

The civilians who are suffering and the soldiers falling in the battlefield should confront Piñol, their savior, and ask him if he is not using them to get back to governorship in Cotabato.

People should inquire about Pinol’s 2000 hectares rubber plantation in Tulunan and Columbio, and ask how the Bangsamoro people were forcibly driven out of these lands by the manipulation of Pinol.

Pinol should also be subjected to lifestyle check by the Ombudsman like other wayward government officials with palpable unexplainable wealth and assets.
Ok, so they have a quarrel with Vice Governor Emmanuel Piñol, why do they have to drive the civilian away from the area? Oh yeah they are settlers and anyone who stands in the way of reclaiming their “ancestral domain” are therefore open targets by the exploited “armed Muslims.” On that account how dare the armed forces of the Philippines issue a 24 hour ultimatum to leave the area, that is just an excuse to carry out their “pro-settlers” policy to the detriment of the “indigenous Muslim” claimants.

How exactly does a Muslim become indigenous if I may ask? What gave them the entitlement to claim ancestral domain similar to the American Indians experience when it was all about preserving their Islamic religion? How is that and even the Philippine supreme court justices seems to have been watching too much western movies when they decided that those “Christianized” Filipinos can no longer be classified as indigenous people is just as ridiculous as it gets. What are they smoking or what kind of perverted colonial mentality was that all about? The American Indians who inter-married with Caucasians are still recognized as Indians and their offspring's does not lose their identity even if their blood was so diluted due to inter-marriages while Filipinos lose their indigenous identity if they were converted to Christianity. Did the snub nosed Indigenous Filipinos suddenly change their features and color of their skin without even going to the plastic surgeons to the stars when they were converted to Christianity?

Should the MILF succeed in their separatist goals this is probably where it is headed….. watch the video to see the future of “Islamic Bangsa Morostan.”

No wonder DJ at Philippine Commentary calls this "apartheid" of the religious kind and in the comment section Nashman of Random thoughts had this to say:
If you were a citizen of Sabah, would you like to be part of the Philippines???

Those so-called 'heirs of the sultanate' are just lazy kids with a hyper inflated sense of entitlement. The sultanate is a DEAD concept. Why would the Sabahans who enjoy democracy want to go back to being a royal subject (of nutters like Kiram and his offspring no less)? These self-proclaimed Mindanao Royals should get real jobs instead of trying to extort money from this 'lease' eklat.
Not that I agree exactly with Nasman's random thoughts on the laziness and hyper inflated sense of entitlement but at the rate the MILF operates in brokering a deal with the illegitimate Gloria Macapagal Arroyo regime it is not a far fetch idea that they may head in the same direction as the sultanate of Sulu.

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