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Malacañang’s Gambit may Signal Violence Escalation in Mindanao

It is so amazing that Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is peddling lies once more although it does not come as a surprise as the people are so used to it. In effect what Malacañang is peddling to the gullible public was that the MoA-AD was such a big secret that even Malacañang and the one cheating errr seating in the throne was not in on the secret. Now that the brat errr cat is out of the bag, the geniuses in the peace process are dissolved and as much as I am tempted to say good riddance that is probably not a good idea. What is so puzzling is how they flippantly defended the MoA-AD and the secrecy of the deal making errr negotiation and then doing a 180 degree turn around is an indication of having a spoiled brat so used to having what she wants she gets to run the country can turn this society in turmoil.

Mar Roxas in a press statement (translation courtesy of PJ) posed some valid questions that scream for answers:
The dissolution of the GRP-MILF peace panel at such an uncertain time is another irrational, knee-jerk and desperate move of the executive. President Arroyo is further destabilizing the situation through continued failure to be transparent, direct and consistent in her and the peace panel's actions. We are all still waiting for the truth behind the MoA-AD.

Dati dinaan itong MoA sa sikreto. Noong nagkaroon ng kontrobersiya, sisihan ang kanilang stratehiya. Ngayon, hugas-kamay ang Palasyo, wala raw silang alam, ang peace panel ang nagkamali, kaya i-dissolve na lang. (The negotiation on the MoA used to be shrouded in secrecy. When it became controversial, they shifted to blaming strategy. They are washing their hands with the palace alleging no knowledge and the peace panel made a mistake, we might as well dissolve it.)
So has the government fully retreated in the peace process? What about all the security and development mechanisms of the peace process such as the International Monitoring Team lead by Malaysia, the projects of USAID and JICA in the conflict areas, or the multilateral Mindanao Trust Fund of the World Bank? Was Malaysia consulted or even informed of this sudden unilateral move?
Roxas further stated that he supports a full blown senate inquiry, hmmmmn maybe not a good idea unless we are into circus freak side show, then go ahead. Here is something for you to ponder on Mr. Presidentiable, how about a full blown declaration of no confidence on the presidency instead of this investigation that does not actually help in your lawmaking job.

Manny Villar seems to make sense in what he stated below:
After all the flak the memorandum of agreement on the Bangsamoro ancestral domain got, the government needs a fresh start and new terms of reference in the effort to strike a peace deal with the MILF.
On the surface it appears to make sense but if you look at the years spent and the inputs of multitudes of geniuses’ experts is he saying that the reference all along was flawed? How about using genuine sincerity and desire to achieve peace as the talking point instead of this is mine and that is yours but also mine and address the legitimate grievances that has the region wracked in violence? There are unverified accusations that Mike Arroyo is now one of the big landowners in Mindanao due to his influence and position and if this is true, this is exactly why a rebellion is raging on for years in the region.

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