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Garci tape and the Cheating errr Seating Lady President

The saga contnues with the Garci Tape and the Cheating errr Seating Lady President wih so many clowns errr personalities out to protect the Garcified outcome of fraudulent electoral exercise. Give it to the running dogs errr retired CA justices when it comes to upholding the constipation err constitution in a zealous display of adhering to the rule of law by filing a petition to stop the wiretap probe.

The duo of retarded errr retired associate justices according to the Inquirer report said that the “dubious Senate probe” will escalate into a continuing violation, if not flaunting disregard or defiance of the constitution. Bravo what an argument by the brilliant judicial minds in the Philippines where we see sticklers to the rule of law, huh they are really following the letter of the law to the minutest detail…… hmnnnnn, why am I not impressed? In some ways I see the point of the retarded errr retired ass opppps associate justices in seeing the probe as dubious since they have been at it before and it was truly a cirque de soleil, ok a wanna be since the probe was so calculated and safe making sure they limit the coverage to the allege presidential fraud.

The duo of retired justices namely Santiago Ranada and Oswaldo Agcaoile in their 15-page petition for prohibition with prayer for the issuance of temporary restraining order or a preliminary injunction was based in part with the “absence of explicit consent from the parties to the recorded conversation, the unauthorized wiretap is thus considered illegal”. Huh? What in the name of Acxa Ramirez argument is that? Of course the parties that were recorded will not for the life of bedolable garcified winners of a selection contest come out and say Yesssssss that was me. Unless it was to try and scam the US government for alms when La Glory was like a little kid asking for ice cream in volunteering the presence of terrorist and even Al Queda so she can on board in the war of terror errr on terror.

So mere possesion of this Garci tape according to the geniuses is a criminal offense, fer cryin out loud why are they not arresting people, they are all over the internet and this was once the biggest blockbuster in the Philippines, here enjoy hahaha.

The liemakers errr lawmakers ought to revisit this wire tapping law and if this argument is upheld by the courts then any recorded conversation from terrorist groups can simply not give their “consent”. That’s all it takes for a criminal to dodge prosecution just like the argument of self-confessed Jose Pidal the little brother taking the fall for first lady errr gentleman Mike Arroyo by invoking violation of his privacy.

This garci tape get’s even ever with the argument presented by the new bedolable senator and favorite nephew of La Diva de Mala Malu Migz Zubiri when he says playing the garci tape would violate not only the civil liberties of President Arroyo but of everyone else as well, including the media. To bolster his argument he said that if the Garci Tape is played in the Senate Committees, nothing will stop unscrupulous individuals to wiretap conversations of public officials, including Senators and Congressmen, and members of the media and use these illegally wiretap materials for black propaganda or blackmail.

Why is Miguel Zubiri worried about blackmail anyway, too much skeleton in his bedolable closet? Amazing indeed, where do we draw the line on “civil liberties” and criminal fraudulent act? Does that mean that anyone can break the law with impunity and all one has to do to escape prosecution is to invoke your civil liberties, dang since when did we give importance to civil liberties anyway? Did the men in uniform abducting those they deem “enemies” of La Gloria errr the state civil liberties considered without any arrest warrants or even a court case pending against them just disappear without a trace?

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