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The Real MOB & MOBSTERS in Philippine Society

Fidel Umaga of Movement for a Free Philippines (MFP) reaction to the article on “Mob Rule” in the downfall of Malu Fernandez, ANC article which I felt needed to be posted as a fitting entry for the blog.

Another entry is that of Perry Diaz titled OFW Empowerment that I felt should be posted both of which highlight the need for the OFWs to organize and flex their political and economic muscle to level the political playing field. It is ironic that we see some in the establish media subtly comes to the rescue of a “diva” in “distress” over the reactions of the OFWs, a sector that is supposed to take all the insults and abuse sitting down. Feudal mindset of the elites are alarmed at the prospect of the meek sector fighting back against the feudal overlords is to them unimaginable.

Yes, the most maligned sector are the most convenient target I should say because it take guts and real courage to point out the real MOB and MOBSTERS in Philippine society…… the ruling minority where the Malu Fernandezes belong.

It is so convenient to label and brand those that reacted as the “lynching mob” because of their reactions in contrast I saw this on expat yahoo groups a typical ruling elite with not just a Mafiosi mindset but acting like a true mobster making the Sopranos look like a playground prank :

A few months ago I was staying at the Mallberry Suites Hotel in Cagayan de Oro. I had stayed there previously and had enjoyed my stay. This time, however, I went to sleep about 10pm. From 11pm to midnight two Filipino men were working on their SUV outside my hotel window. The alarm on the SUV went off about 20 times, always awaking me. At about midnight I walked oustside, andexplained to the Filipinos that I was trying to sleep, and asked if they could continue the repairs to the SUV the next day, or at least disconnect the alarm. The men invited me to sit with them and talk with them. As I sat down, the Filipino man to my left slapped the eyeglasses off my face. I stood to search for and recover my eyeglasses, and as I did the same man threw the chair at me. The chair did not hit me, but as I looked around, I noticed that about 10 of the hotel employees were watching.

I said nothing to the men, and walked inside the lobby of the hotel. I spotted the manager of the hotel sitting at her desk, and I asked to speak with her to explain what had just happened outside. As I was talking with her, the original man that had hit me came from behind me and slapped me on the back of the head. I turned to the manager to tell her that this was the man that had hit me originally,and as I had my back to the man again, he slapped me on the back of the head again.I stood up to face the man, and as I did the female manager of the hotel stepped between us to force the Filipino man away from me. As she did this I noticed that all 5 of the hotels armed guards were watching and did absolutely nothing. The only thing between me and a man that was physically assaulting me was a Filipina weighing about a 100 pounds. As I looked around the lobby I also noticed that about 20 or so of the hotels customers and 10 or so of the hotel employees were watching everything. So, there were 30 or 40 witnesses of thisman physically assaulting me.

As the manager tried to calm the assaulting Filipino, I walked backward and stepped inside the managers inner office. The girls working the front desk locked the door to protect me.I had to sit inside that office for two hours as the manager of the hotel finally convinced the Filipino that it was late, that he should leave me alone, and that he should go to bed.

Again, all the armed guards did absolutely nothing. The gossip that I heard later is that the man that had assaulted me is a politician from Davao, and that all the armed guards were afraid of him. I also heard that the management and owner of the hotel did not want to call the police because they did not want to "create a scene".

During the entire time that I was in the locked inner office I asked if the police were going to be called or not, and if so I was willing to press charges. I was told several times that the police would not be called. There were 30 or 40 witnesses of what had happened to me, and I had done absolutely nothing physically to assault the man.

The next morning I woke early, and I saw my assailant drive off in his SUV. I went to the lobby to see if it was ok for me to appear in public, and to talk with the women at the front desk.

As I was at the front desk, a Fil-Am approached me and invited me to sit with him for coffee. The Fil-Am explained to me that had the police been called, the police would have done nothing due to the fact that the assailant was a politician, and he also explained to me that the armed guards with the sawed off shotguns were in fact afraid of the politician. My only savior in the whole situation was the 100pound Filipina manager that was brave enough to ask the assailant to back off.I decided at that moment to leave Cagayan de Oro , and asked to check out. I also asked the manager that I not be billed for my room. I explained that I did appreciate the fact that she was most the courageous in protecting me, but the other staff of the hotel, and that the police had done absolutely nothing to protect me, and that I was the victim and that I should not have to pay. I also explainedthat money is important, and that perhaps the manager and the owner would not allow my assailant to stay again at that hotel since they had lost money on the fact that he has assaulted me.
The manager apologized many times, and graciously allowed me to check out without paying. The manager was my hero, and protected me, but, it did remind me that I was on my own in CDO, and that no one else would have lifted a finger to help me.

Now you tell me who the real mobsters are? The OFWs reacting to social discrimination and insults from their own countrymen or the criminal mafiosi type of the ruling minority elite crowd that Malu Fernandez braggartly says she belongs?

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