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"Mob Rule" in Malu Fernandez Downfall, ANC

That is just how “some” ( a handful is a more apt description) people perceived the Malu Fernandez fiasco and the unexpected tidal wave of response never seen before since the Flor Contemplacion case that toppled 2 high ranking government officials. Watching the 6 part ( one, two, three, four, five, & six) you tube series on “MOB RULE” aired by ANC having such title tells you right away it was an indictment not of the culprit but those of the lowly mortals of the online world particularly the OFW kind.

Is it because the host and the station just like the self-proclaimed “Diva” caters to the same market that delusional Malu Fernandez think she has….. the elites or thinking they are elites in a third world economy where a great portion of the “wanna be’s” or the shrinking middle class are pushed down to poverty level and majority of the population are wallowing in the muck of poverty? I can’t help notice how the host alarmingly tries to portray the reactions of the online community to a mob of out of control riotous rampage out to burn and destroy anyone and anything on their path.

The host mind was set as she desperately tries to picture the netizens in a bad light or the so-called “mob” like and “violent” comment mostly pertaining to Malu Fernandez weight issues owing to the so-called anonymity cover that the internet provides. The sad part is while the host points out what she perceives as the excess and out of line response she and her production staff failed or did not do extensive research on why people reacted in such manner. As usual scratching the surface just like the shallow Malu Fernandez ranting on what she deems the “problem” but never attempted to understand the very core of the issue.

They were right though in seeing the internet as unstructured and what I believe was their apprehension not of the egalitarian nature of the internet and the emerging role of bloggers to sway public opinion but the inevitability of making them obsolete. At the rate Philippine print and broadcast media goes they might as well turn irrelevant due to corruption and lack of ethical standards as the lure of “ATM journalism” sways quite a number of them in that direction.

Sadly while they have the resources to undertake a more in depth coverage they choose to cover the bruha errr the Malu Fernandez brouhaha in a scratch the surface manner. If that is the case what then set them apart from bloggers like us? Nada, zip, zilch and if this is how they handle this incident then bloggers have the upper hand because unlike media establishment, bloggers are not beholden to anyone. Most bloggers offers a no holds barred entries that is not beholden to anyone affording readers raw and unadulterated commentaries that defies the norm of “ATM journalism”.

Thanks to one guest Ricky Carandang for his views in clarifying the nature of a mob…… no one pointed a gun at Malu Fernandez or was there an incident of an actual mob throwing stones or setting fire to her residence or her publications offices. On a scale of 1 to 10 the latter being the highest if I am to rate this coverage, this is my take:

  • R. Carandang a 10 for keeping an open mind and not succumbing to the "mob" portrayal of the online community particularly the OFWs.

  • Che Che Lazaro and her staff a 2 for lackadaisical research and not having a single OFW (as if there is no one to be found when there is Ellene Sana of CMA, Migrante, Ding bagasao of Ercof, Julie Javellana-Santos who has been writing for the OFWs for quite sometime, OFW Journalism consortium etc.) or an email comment from an OFW blogger at the least in the panel. A low 1 for misguided concept of OFW demanding respect from the feudal concept of the word not realizing that respect is about treating people your equal.

  • Alex Magno a 4 because he is not an OFW and more identified with La Glory.

  • Belmonte a 2 for her unwillingness to open up and too afraid to blurt out politically incorrect staements.

  • Our 2 fellow blogger Benj Espina of Atheista and Josel Gonzales of Nomadic Thoughts an 8 for trying their best not to represent the bloggers or the OFWs.

How about you how would you rate the Media in Focus of ANC hosted by Che Che Lazaro on the Malu Fernandez bruha errr brouhaha which they titled “MOB RULE” referring to us bloggers and the online communities reaction? Let your voices be heard and speak out.

As I was about to end this entry I found Isip Lugaws entry on another Malu derivative who is even thanking Malu Fernandez for showing the “ugly Pinoy in us”…. oh, boy talk of self-flagellating individual trying desperately to do his penance and desperately dragging us along is just pathetic.

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