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Bloggers Unite for Human Rights

Bloggers UniteBlog Catalog a social networking site I have been a member for quite a while is launching again a Bloggers Unite for Human Rights on May 15th, 2008 as a fitting one year anniversary. Human Rights have always been one of the reasons why Pedestrian Observer Group Blog exists, to be one of the voices so those who are victimized by human rights violation do not suffer alone and in silence.

One of the very first entry at POGB was the disappearance of long time activist Maria Lusia Posa-Dominado and Nilo Arado missing for a year now since 12th of March of 2007 in Iloilo a small island in the southern Philippines, feared to be victims of military abduction. Despite all the efforts of the families of Dominado and Arado and their supporters they are still in the dark on the whereabouts of the kidnapped kins with the “authorities” unwilling cooperation and silence if not outright denials to surface the desaparecidos.

Another Victim of military abduction is Jonas Burgos the son of the late Freedom Fighter during the dark days of the Marcos Conjugal Dictatorship. Inside a shopping mall in full view of witnesses and security guards unable or too intimidated to stop the abduction. The military abductors in total abuse of authority like monsters that they are even identified themselves as military operatives to prevent anyone from questioning their evil deeds. Such impunity and the gall to deny their responsibility and even pin the blame on the insurgents in broad daylight at that is just not credible and believable. Again the family and supporters are left in the dark on the whereabouts of Jonas Burgos with the victims’ mother Edith Burgos bringing this horrible incident to the international community’s attention but under a regime that has little regard or respect for the sanctity of human lives has done nothing to surface Jonas.

It is sad that our deafening silence is likened to abandoning those who are suffering from the impunity and abuses of those with low regard for human rights and there are thousands of them suffering in silence. Join and unite for Human Rights on May 15th, 2008 and use our blogs in our moral duty to stop the abuses of those so drunk with power acting likes gods deciding a person’s fate when no one has the right to take that from anyone regardless of one’s belief.

You can choose to take the case of political abductions or other human rights issues come May 15 or be the voice for others in other human rights related abuses on some of the following entries below:

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