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Akram Madavi, A Life fraught with Abuse & Misery

In this modern times where we have seen so much advancement in technology and improved quality of life there are still unfathomable and disgusting societal aberration that condemns women like Akram Madavi to a life fraught with abuse & misery.

Akram Madavi happens to be one of those who had the misfortune of being born into a poor ultra religious Muslim family where women are treated as inferior to man with no rights and like a commodity that can be disposed off in marriage to the highest bidder at 13 years of age.

Under the Islamic Republic of Iran where blogger Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the President, 13 year old girls are legally bound to abide to an arrange marriage to a man decided and chosen by their parents. As if this is not despicably pedophilic enough girls forced into arrange marriage has very limited option in wanting out through divorce which they can only do so with the expressed approval of their husbands. Now how sick is that? They can be abused, humiliated and mistreated like a half-human being and they are at the mercy of their pedophilic abuser husband is like a life sentence in hell if ever it exists.

Akram Madavi was subjected to years of abuse, degradation, and humiliation instead of support and nurturing from her parents who are morally bound and a duty to do so but not necessarily legally obligated under an aberrant society that still treats women as commodities. At 13 years of age she was forced by her own parents to marry an abusive drug addict 43 years her senior.

In civilized societies sex with 13 year old's is a criminal offense we call rape, having a parent selling their little girls to the highest bidder is worse than a pimp. These parents sell their little girls to a lifetime of hell and if the arrange marriage did not work out they blame their own children for the "dishonor" and "embarrassment" it brings to them when they should blame themselves for such aberrant mentality of treating their little girls as commodities.

5 years in hell and a baby girl from the marriage she successfully divorced her husband because addiction to illegal drugs does not require her husbands express permission. She was prevented by her parents from her schooling at 5th grade thus she does not have the skills or ability to support herself and her baby.

Instead of loving open arms and supporting their daughter for which they are morally responsible for the misery, abuse and degradation they put her into and their granddaughter the family saw them as an added burden.

So, what do evil ignoramuses do in these situations but again insidiously, forcing and physically beating her to marry after 2 years at 20 years old to the highest bidder, a 64 year old epileptic man outbidding other suitors eyeing Akram. A man old enough to be Akrams grandfather with an equally abusive family whose children are older than Akram’s treating her with disdain in a slave like fashion to bide to their whims and caprice, to quote from Akram's blog:

From the beginning of her new marriage, Akram expressed great dissatisfaction and unhappiness about the new life into which she was forced to exist, and sought ways to end the emotional, psychological, and physical torture to which she and her daughter were subjected in her new husband's home. Not only was the young bride abused by her own husband “a man who was as old, if not older, than her grandfather“but also by her new "stepchildren," who were also substantially older than Akram. In the eyes of her husband, as well as those of his adult children, Akram was nothing more than an illiterate, worthless servant, for whom their father had paid a handsome sum so that she, and her young daughter, could satisfy their every need, tend to their every whim, and perform all household chores without so much as uttering a single word of any kind. In effect, the young mother and her infant daughter were chattel. They were undeserving of even the slightest act of kindness, of any form of love, or any degree of personal support.

Born and raised all her life under those circumstances having felt no love, nurturing, support and stunted intellectual growth subjected to abuse and countless miseries treated with so much disrespect as if she is not a human being with feelings one can snap and act like her criminal perpetrators. That is exactly what happened so after enduring another 7 years of unfathomable misery, abuse and degradation reached a level of desperation and hopelessness, snapped at 27 years old, sought the assistance of a young male friend and conspired to murder her then 74 year old husband. The now 32 year old mother of a girl in her early teens is facing imminent execution for conspiracy to murder.

To make matters worse her ignoramus mother wanted her hanged for “dishonoring” her family as if they have an honor to speak of for becoming a single mother after 2 marriages is just so revolting. Below is a quote from ICAHK email on how you can help save Akram Madavi and give her another chance in life:

The complainants in Akram's case have agreed to halt Akram's execution in exchange for roughly $60,000 (US). A group of dedicated human rights lawyers, activists, and journalists have initiated an international campaign to help raise this amount to prevent Akram from being hanged to death, and to return her to a new life with her young daughter, who desperately needs her mother in her life before she, too, becomes yet another victim of a forced marriage or worse. Please open your hearts and join us in saving Akram's life by donating to the "Save Akram" fund. Even the smallest donation can have an enormous impact on the lives of a young mother and a little girl, who have suffered from unspeakable abuse, indignity, and ugliness until now. By donating to save Akram's life, you are joining other caring individuals throughout the world in proving that love, kindness, and generosity can and do prevail over injustice, inhumanity, and oppression.

For more information on Akram Mahdavi's case, as well as to donate to her fund via PayPal and other forms of on-line payment, please visit Save Akram Blog, for further inquiries (In English or Farsi) contact Ms. Lily Mazahery, Attorney At Law, via email.

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