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Playboy Philippine Edition is more of an Oddity than Nudity?

Playboy hits Philippines with “tasteful” nudity says a praise errr press article at Inquirer but Playboy Philippine Edition is more of an oddity than nudity if we go by the reaction it is getting so far. How “tasteful” well I thought I had stumbled upon one by a Malaysian blogger who I suspect is “jealous” for not having one they can truly call their own. Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin a Malaysian blog had a scoop titled Playboy Philippines nets another beauty showing what he claims was a pic snapped by a paparazzi of an “erotic” lady. I wanted to post the pic here but that would spoil the fun so I suggest you go check it out and see for yourself, but don’t come back and blame me if you are disappointed like the Indonesians according to a Times Online article, to quote:

In fact there were reports today of entirely unexpected complaints: that after all the fuss, Playboy was a let-down. On sale at 39,000 rupiah (about £2.50), the magazine costs twice the average daily wage in Indonesia, and disappointed buyers called Jakarta’s 68H radio station to say they had expected more.

"It’s sinful to read Playboy if there’s no nudity!" said one caller.

"It’s a scandal! There’s no nude women in the magazine. I think we have been deceived," said another.

Going back to the Philippine edition it has garnered some interest from some sectors landing in the weird news section of Buck Wolf titled, Just a Nipple: Tame Playboy Enters Philippines:

You won't see bare-breasted women in Playboy's Philippine edition that hits newsstands next week, but the mag does promise "anything under the son of interest to men."

The magazine is treading softly, after the editor of its Playboy Indonesia faced charges of violating indecency laws. Though he was acquitted, rock-throwing protesters in the populous Muslim nation expressed their outrage.

When asked how much skin the mag would show, Spokesman Beting Laygo Dolar told the Associated Press, "Maybe one nipple."

Heck, just one nipple indeed is really weird if not comical and let's hope it's not a one breasted woman as well, lol. Well one consolation for them is that unlike in Indonesia where Playboy Magazine has to contend with magazine burning and physical threat of violence from radical “Jihads” they only have to deal with one Bishop. I am sure with some contributions here and there to the Bishops’ “charity” will rid the magazine of staunch critic…. just ask the daily switikstic (shrewd scammer) errrr sweepstake office on how effective it is. It was so effective that some of the Bishops are going out of their way defending the top beleaguered liar errr executive embroiled in never ending scandal.

Robert Basler finds it odd and humorous in his article "Philippines Playboy, sent in a Manila wrapper?" to quote:

Now, you take Playboy magazine. It’s about to launch a Philippines edition, and who are they aiming at? “Mature men who like well-written articles…” That sounds about right. That cliché was around when I was a kid. We all wanted Playboy for the “articles,” whatever those were.

And there’s more. The editor of the new edition says he doesn’t want to be ashamed to show the magazine to his mom.

Yeah, how many times did I push open the old screen door and say, “Mom! I just got the new Playboy! Here, flip through this and see if you wanna read anything!” Of course she always did, and that evening we’d all have Jell-O by the fire, while Mama read Hef’s “Playboy Philosophy” out loud. Ah, good times.

Of course the oddity will not be complete without a heated debate, which can be found here at Feministing with a very apt description in one word........ ew. Let us see how Grandpa Hugh Heffner’s Magazine fare in the Philippines in a market that is fool errr full of competition. I just don't know about the so-called "tasteful nudity" and at the rate they are going I Think Playboy Philippine Edition is more of an oddity than nudity. We just have to wait and see.... so here are some pics in the launching event, no they are not showing one nipple yet.......

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