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One World. One Dream. Free Tibet.

China’s bid for the 2008 Olympics was made on a promise to the International Olympic Committee to improve its human rights record. The recent crackdown in Tibet, where hundreds of fatalities with thousands of Tibetans in jail only showed Beijing’s broken promises.

It is unfortunate that the Olympics has been turned into a political event not that it has not been used before but how can the Olympic Committee be so "naïve" to allow China to host the games based on a promise where there is no intent to follow in the first place.

In London 37 people were arrested during the torch relay while Paris had 20 protesters arrested due largely to the strong police contingents deployed to create a human shield to prevent protestors from grabbing the torch.

Despite the number of police to guard against the protesters the Olympic torch relay was still disrupted forcing the Chinese officials to snuff the flames numerous times and bundled the torchbearers onto buses midway through the 18 mile route.

The Olympic torch is on the way to the US and 3 Members of the student group for a Free Tibet scaled the Golden Gate of San Francisco, each carrying a Tibetan flag unfurled a banner that reads, “One World. One Dream. Free Tibet.”

What a sight it is if only Tibetans can be free with such a feat but it is not as simple as that when you have a government as repressive as the one they have in China.

As usual China blocked the news in the mainland and trumpeted the “success” of the Olympic torch relay while condemning the demonstration as a work of a small number of Tibetan separatists. Foreign Ministry spokesman in their website as usual dished out their shallow rhetoric’s or lies, to quote:

Their despicable activities tarnish the lofty Olympic spirit and challenge all people loving the Olympic Games around the world.

Uh huh, I think it is the other way around….. having a corrupt human rights violator hosting the Olympic Games is despicable and unacceptable that destroys the very spirit of the games. The LA Times article quoting Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger and Democrat Hilary Clinton says it all:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a different view, saying protesters should "show how displeased they are with [China's] policies." Meanwhile, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York), suggesting that President Bush boycott the opening ceremony in Beijing, said: "These events underscore why I believe the Bush administration has been wrong to downplay human rights in its policy toward China."

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