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The Twilight Saga of Gloria Arroyo’s Rumamona Attempt

Now that the warrant of arrest was issued and served on Gloria Arroyo, the next thing people are so curious to see is her mug shots. Nothing special there, nope I take that back. Unlike Erap Estrada they had him hold his own inmate identification number, while Arroyo’s was just imprinted on her mug shot. It makes one wonder if it was real as the source is anonymous, but then again what is important is that she is under arrest.
While at it there is really no truth to the rumor and I have verified this infallible information that Gloria Arroyo was assigned O-2-10 for her inmate identification number.

The only good thing I can see from this is that my FB friend MJ will not feel his rights and freedom to spit is not being suppressed anymore in the state's refusal to release Gloria Arroyo's mug shot.

Hopefully with the arrest of Gloria Arroyo Ferdinand Tupak-cio was able to save his nuts and no one can excuse him anymore of circumventing the law or was it circumcising the HDO?

What is worrisome is the hospital arrest, especially when the people in the administration as if they are in a choir group are singing in a chorus or rather telling us that Gloria Arroyo must be treated befitting a former president. Really now, I hope that they are not taking that on literally as we the people might just suffer national heart attack when we see where she is at instead of a cold cell.

P50,000.00 a day, that is where the accused electoral saboteur is billeted at in a presidential suite at St. Lukes Medical Center comparable to presidential suites of luxury hotels. If the room alone with all the amenities of a luxury presidential suite cost P50K, the attending physician is a separate charge who will bill their patients according to the price of their hospital room which in this case is the most expensive suite available in the hospital. Imagine the cost it will entail, what about the medicines and other incidental expense? 
This presidential suite with its own luxurious dining table will of course offer gastronomic fare that I suspect the lady known for her Le Cirque extravaganza will enjoy tremendously once the media eased up on her coverage. She is still in the take pity on me stage that is just making her look more pathetic than anything else. As to how she can gain sympathy when she even has at her disposal a private butler to boot, that's something for her spin doctors to figure out.

The militant groups has a very valid point in insisting that the accused electoral saboteur must be treated like any ordinary criminal who belongs in a jail not some presidential suites of hospitals that comparable to being billed in luxurious presidential hotel suites. Inmates are inmates and should be treated equally or the same way as other are treated.

That I believe is the problem why we get these scandals every so often when inmates like former Governor Leviste treats Muntinglupa Penitentiary as if it was his vacation to come and go as he pleases. Remember the likes of pedophile Romeo Jalosjos driving around the prison compound in his SUV, even constructing a sports clubhouse?

If it was negative perception that they fear, this is where the focus should be at when even criminals as long as they belong to the privilege few are treated differently. As if that is not bad enough, when the courts agree to have Gloria Arroyo confined does it mean the state pays for the bill? They should right as it has the courts permission and approval isn't it?

The state should really think this hospital arrest over very carefully and meticulously. What if she lives to 104 like Huguette Clark the reclusive and eccentric mining heiress who died in May at 104 after spending the last 22 years of her life in a hospital at US$1,000/day paid a total of  $4.9M? Gloria Arroyo at 64 years old if she stays in the hospital at 104 can easily double the amount spent by the late Huguette Clark and this will be shouldered by the state as in we the people?

Jun Versola probably is not aware of the hospital cost of Gloria but he has some very valid points that he raised at Facebook, to quote:
100x more than where GMA should stay (whether hospital, house, special jail or common cell), what I really really want the govt to do is to uncover the truth behind the high crimes--the means used, the main accomplices, the gory details, if you will.

If she's convicted and jailed for life, let's say hooray, why not, but if only 10% of the truth is uncovered in the process, then justice has not been served, and the demons will remain with us. That, my friends, stands as one of the biggest lesson of the Marcos dictatorship's overthrow, a lesson that many among us have apparently not understood.

My point directly relates to (1) the need for Congress to immediately pass the FOI bill, and (2) the need to set up an independent people's commission that can serve as amicus curia helping the courts in pushing for successful prosecutions.
Brilliant I should say precisely why to this day the frozen stiff one still haunts us like a ghost that never seems to go away and the lies just keeps on getting ostentatious as it gets old. In a country where money trump’s logic and reason where ATM journalism is the name of the game we may one day end up hailing Marcos the frozen stiff one to be canonized as a saint, LOL. What say you Pnoy? Let’s get on with the Freedom of Information and the setting up of an independent people’s commission; we have nothing to lose but our dreaded culture of corruption so we can at least regain our sanity and collective self-respect.

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