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Gloria Arroyo's Saga of the Weak or the Wicked?

Never have we seen a dramatic reversal of role such as this wherein the once arrogant powerful woman known for her tantrums and flare ups will desperately portray herself as the helpless weak victim of a “vindictive” administration. At the height of her power fresh from treacherously manipulating people in what turned out to be a cheap imitation of Edsa I is quite unimaginable considering this is how they were described by an Inquirer editorial back then:

Of course, what may be immediately apparent with the First Gentleman’s court conduct is that it seems apposite to his spouse’s outbursts, her propensity to bang the phone at the slightest hint of bad news and to walk out of press conferences when she does not like the questions being thrown at her. If only for their vile temper, the two are really compatible. They deserve each other.

So are official outbursts a platform and policy of the government? We don’t know. What we have observed is that the legendary presidential temper seems to operate by osmosis -- from the President’s spouse and kin to the President’s fellow workers in government. What we’re seeing is a new public administration system: a management by flare-ups, a presidency by eruption.”

Are people really buying this cunning portrayal of a human rights victim pretender? If you asked the “Ocho Ocho Gang” looks like they did or is it because they owe her their cheat errr seat in the highest court of the land that whatever shred of credibility was left, led by their Chief Justice whose appointment was legalized, and even institutionalized (sounds like they have to be institutionalized, LOL) wait that’s not the right term hehehe or was it constitutionalized? Clearly that has the makings of a constitutional crisis but no one in his or her right mind had the urge to cut off his balls or a suicidal Miriam Santiago with an urge to slit her throat and wrist?
Ocho Ocho Gang

Arroyo’s pleas political, not human rights an article written by Raul Pangalangan succinctly explain the very obvious sinister ploy of the Arroyos. It can only be seen once we pierce the legal rhetoric that will expose her pseudo invocation of the sacredness of her human rights when her true intent is to escape justice as her final supreme perversion of our democratic institutions.

While the Aquino bashers are having a grief on their intense demand that the Aquino administration must abide strictly to the letter, coma, paragraph, phrase, period, or what have you, hehehe of the constitution to let the rule of law prevail, they seem to miss the charade altogether, LOL. A quote from the article:

Portrayed as victim

One, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has been portrayed as the victim boxed into a corner and fighting for her survival. Lest we forget, the supposed underdog here is a former President and now a member of the Philippine Congress, with loyal allies and appointees in high places, with a formidable war chest at her disposal, much of it our own money, the criminal complaints say. She is not a political nobody by any stretch of the imagination.

Two, if there was any legal sleight of hand, it lies in the TRO, which consolidated the separate cases of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and Jose Miguel Arroyo. In a discussion of this case with some law school classmates, it was asked: How did Mike get to benefit from Gloria’s medical emergency?

Looks like no one seems to notice that Mike as big as he is can easily fool the people and may have slipped unnoticed had Sec. Leila de Lima not chosen to stick to her guns.

Neal Cruz may be right in his suspicion that Mike has an inside man in the SC because how else can you explain the advance flight booking? To quote his Flight is a sign of guilt:
Add to that the fact that Mike Arroyo seems to have an inside man in the tribunal who told him that the justices would issue the TRO on Tuesday. The moment the TRO was issued, the Supreme Court spokesman held a press conference to announce it (before the DOJ was even served a copy of the order), and the Arroyos were all packed and ready to go. In fact, they had already booked flights out of the Philippines in several airlines. They would have been able to leave, too, had not De Lima issued orders to the Bureau of Immigration to bar them from leaving. What’s more, Mike Arroyo allegedly told a friend that they would leave the moment the TRO was issued. How did they know a TRO would be issued on that day?

Rina David says it will be a duelling of martyrs. Sec. Leila de Lima will likely be sent to jail for contempt, should that happen spin masters will have a heyday pitting the two against each other. Who will likely win the pity crown depends on how the Filipinos look at martyrdom?

It appears according to Rina David that the Arroyo’s will be charged in court on the day of the SC en banc session. If that happens the TRO will become moot and academic and the “Ocho Ocho Gang” will have a reprieve on the ridicule from the citizenry.

The road to democracy indeed is not a walk in the park, as Boy Montelibano puts it aptly:
Democracy, however, is not about the freedom of speech. It is in its very core about a justice system that is, simply put, fair and equitable to all. From an environment where equality, liberty and fraternity are enshrined, democracy can find nourishment and growth.

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