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Anak ng Tupa Arroyo’s Silence of the Lamb Pinoy Version

You know things are not going well with the Arroyo’s when they resort to pitiful image of her aimed at gullible people in their desperation to earn their sympathy. Arroyo no doubt is an astute politician who has mastered and brought lying into an art form.  How else can you explain her unconstitutional run for a second term clearly prohibited by the constitution? As if that is not bad enough is looking at being charged with electoral sabotage? Take note that instead of just fraud they want to charge her with sabotage a major major ala Venus Raj description of the likelihood of her spending her old age in jail.

In their desperate attempt to scam people into believing that she is subjected to political persecution, the unflattering image is a huge sacrifice to a very vain woman.  It seems that the pity pic was intended for the justices in trying to get their sympathy but some genius gave the media access to the pity pic that boomeranged on her in a mocking way. What the image convey is not what they anticipated but only shows she  really has a flair for the dramatics, I wonder if she got that from her look alike Nora Aunor?
The drama never ends.....
The image above should have gotten her some sympathetic response but when you have earned the reputation of being a congenital liar it will be very difficult to convince people that you are in a dire medical situation requiring medical treatment abroad. Mindanao Examiner in response to Gloria Arroyo’s pathetic picture says I am sorry, I thought people are really feeling sorry, but then follows it up with “Hello? Hello Garci?” now that is definitely mocking a mockery, lol. Arroyo’s spin doctors should change their tactics here as it is failing miserably. Then Jun Alviso posted an improved picture below of a Hannibal Lecter version of Gloria Arroyo which I believe is what is to come in an about to be written tele-novela series inspired by the SILENCE of the LAMB in a Pinoy version to be titled Anak ng TUPA.
Silence of the LAMB = Anak ng TUPA
Political persecution is definitely one of the principal reasons in applying for political asylum. The big question though is whether she is on top of her game or will she fall flat in her contraption supported face.

This is definitely turning into a sitcom when the Aquino administration offers to bring in foreign medical specialist to see her at government's expense, and Horn her spokesperson insist that the issue is her "freedom" of travel. Now what is it really? Arroyo's dire mental illness errr medical condition or her desire to travel all around the world as if she is on a shopping spree for a medical 2nd opinion?  For someone who is very uncomfortable with an electric chair like contraption don’t you think it is odd that she wants to sit on a plane for an extended period of time? Horn's response only exposes their purpose of seeking political asylum in a country that has no extradition treaty with the Philippines.

So what makes the Arroyo’s think they can lie their way to their great escape? Is it because people really don’t care, or is it because when people fail or did not even attempt to throw her out like Qaddafi she thinks she can get away with anything. I believe the reason behind the cheap ploy is based on how they see the gullibility of the people and high incidence of fraud and fraudulent thinking as seen in this report regarding the number of pranks received by 117 operators. 117 is the 911 emergency counterpart of the Philippines and out of 8,000 calls a day 98% are pranks with just about over a 100 legitimate emergency calls. Now  I understand why people lie to a point of being a joke, they help bring about a society that has no regard for their fellow human beings in emergency situation.

The irony of irony here is that Gloria Arroyo never had no problem violating the constitution when she run and most likely cheated for a second term, now she complains about her constitutional right being violated. She did not just violate the constitution herself but in an apparent move to protect herself in the future violated the constitution again in her midnight appointment of the crown man errr Puno as the SC chief justice. A move that totally trashed the constitution when even the justices ruled to in favor of Puno's appointment. Now look who's complaining about their constitutional rights to travel, you set the precedent so expect others to do the same.

Arroyo penchant for last minute presidential power tripping may turn out to be her own undoing as pointed out by Raissa Robles‌ her How Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo got caught in her own mousetrap – halo vest and all, to quote:

Well, one such midnight order has turned out to be a sort of legal mousetrap that has caught Arroyo, her husband Jose Miguel and over 30 others.

This is Department Circular No. 41 signed by Arroyo’s own  Justice Secretary Alberto Agra on May 25, 2010 – at a time when the entire Arroyo camp should have been packing their bags in preparation for moving out of government by June 30.

DC 41 is Justice Secretary Leila de Lima’s legal basis for banning Arroyo et al from flying out of the country.

This seemingly innocuous circular was issued by Agra to “consolidate” regulations pertaining to the use of  “hold departure orders”, “watch list orders” and “allow departure orders”.

But it did more than that. It noted that existing Supreme Court Circulars “clearly state that ‘Hold Departure Order shall be issued only in criminal cases within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Regional Trial Courts.’ ”

Because of this, DC 41 said, these Supreme Court circulars left a gap because they were “silent with respect to cases falling within the jurisdiction of courts below the RTC as well as those pending determination by government prosecution offices.”

It is the last clause, which I posted in red, which De Lima is using to bar the Arroyo couple from traveling – because they have five complaints filed against them “pending determination by government prosecution offices.”
A dilemma it is for the Supreme Court justices majority of whom owes their position and was appointed by Arroyo who will now have to decide whether they will allow their patroness to escape errr travel out of the country by declaring the Department Circular 41 unconstitutional. Are the SC justices willing to lose credibility, (not that they are concerned with that but in a nation that needs to retain its sanity if not already insane) they still will have to consider the depths by which they are willing to bring down an institution that used to be the most credible among the corrupt establishments.

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