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Is Gloria Arroyo suffering from a Life-Threatening or Lie-Threatening Disease?

Sensing that Gloria “Ruamona”Arroyo’s bogus drama complete with Hannibal Lecter neck contraption will be exposed, her lawyers particularly Flaminiano desperately change their stand like a flip flopping spineless opportunist. Too bad they overplayed their pity card game that she got busted by her doctor, Mario Ver who contrary to the claims bandied about by her lawyers that her condition was deteriorating to a life-threatening illness was not exactly accurate. Ver testified that she was actually recovering well and fit to be released from the hospital to be treated as an outpatient. Now they are upset that it is a violation of the doctor patient confidentiality, ahhh hello, knock knock anyone home? When you used your clients medical condition to defend her legal right to escape errr travel, or justify a hospital arrest you unwittingly waived that right and allowed the courts to scrutinize the veracity of the medical claim. Arroyo’s lawyers seem to confuse the doctors Hippocratic Oath to the great pretender’s hypocrite oath which is totally different, LOL.
Now why would her liars errr lawyers tell a story telling a lie disrespecting first the SC in asking for a TRO to stop the government from preventing their clients to leave for emergency medical reasons? Their appeal was so out of this world enough to make Gloria Arroyo look like the Mother Teresa or the symbol of right to escape errrrr travel that is on the assumption that Filipinos are too dumb not to see the obvious charade. What is surprising is why not one among the 15 justices especially the Ocho ocho Gang never cite Arroyo’s lawyers for contempt, is it because perjury is an accepted legal defense?
Gloria 'Crocodile Tears' Arroyo
If Gloria Arroyo is not suffering from a life-threatening illness then she is definitely suffering from a new illness called lie-threatening disease. If it is contagious she should be detained in isolation lest she infects other prisoners with the same debilitating disease. We just don’t know who had it first or who is infecting who if you look at the antics of her lawyers particularly the egg fixated Ferdinand Topacio. Just because it may be highly contagious that does not afford her the right and privilege of getting confined in a government hospital.

Now that she is really not suffering from a life-threatening illness, she definitely cannot be in a government hospital. She will just deprive poor people of the much needed facility that will be wasted to accommodate her. An accused electoral saboteur occupying a much needed hospital space detrimental to the poor and needy is not exactly the kind of priority people want to see in an administration convincing us that they are on a narrow path of righteousness. That means she should also be booted out of the P50K/day presidential suite at the St. Luke's Hospital immediately.

Now what’s up with La Senadora Santiago who wants to slit her throat and wrist together with retired perennial coup plotter turned senator Gringo Honasan or was it Punasan stating that there will be an international backlash if Gloria Arroyo is humiliated by sending her to jail? They probably have a point that is, if we want to attract the Yakuzas, Mafias, Wall Street Ponzi Racketeers, fugitives, and all sort of international criminals to invest or spend their time in a leisurely vacation to the Philippines. Perhaps the honorable senators are so used to the endemic corruption that we must not in any way manner or form disrupt the status quo? Investors or plain tourist/visitors to the country will of course prefer to visit a place where they hold corrupt officials especially those in high places accountable which serves as a deterrent for cops and other small time corrupt criminals from harassing them to come across illegally. What is puzzling is why the likes of Santiago and Honasan would think along the lines of humiliation in holding corrupt officials accountable when they approved said law? Is it because those laws are intended and applicable only to those small time back door operators, not for big time politicians?

House arrest is definitely out of the question because once a plunder case is brought up against her the prosecutors has to determine if the La Vista Property is clean or no plundered money went into maintaining or sprucing it up so elegantly. There is a special place in hell errrr I meant a place for her but definitely not the posh La Vista Village and it is called BILIBISTA. Listen to Kabataan Party List Representative Raymond Palatino, he makes more sense than borderline cuckoo errr genius Miriam Santiago and former perennial coup plotter senator Gringo Honasan:
“It will be more embarrassing for the Philippines if we do not follow our own laws just to accommodate a former president. The international community will respect us more if we will jail GMA (Arroyo) because we will send a message that we punish those who violate our laws”
Gabriela Party List representative Luzviminda Ilagan says it aptly that “House arrest is a double standard. It is a rest, it is not arrest.” Same with Anakpawis representative Rafael Mariano that everybody should be equal in the eyes of the law. I would even suggest kicking this up a notch with the late former president Magsaysay who says that those who have less in life should have more in law. I am sure Magsaysay (no not the shameless Mitos) did not mean that less is short in height like Gloria Arroyo so she should be treated differently, but destitute to even defend themselves in the court of law.

The absence of full disclosure in making a public statement to gather support for Gloria Arroyo is virtually lying. But in the Bola Bola Republic of Edcel Lagman that is normal and rattled off names of people who were sentenced to house arrest including Martha Stewart. What he fails to mention in the Martha Stewart's case was that her sentence was that it was not exclusively a house arrest and conveniently left out the 5 months in minimum security jail and the house arrest was an additional 5 months sentence. This thing gets better as we see how they lie through their teeth, hehehe. I don't think the people will have a problem if the court gives Arroyo the same sentence. Let us make one thing clear here Martha Stewart was given that sentence for lying when she was being investigated. So if we follow that logic and what Lagman wants for her idol Gloria then a 5 month jail sentence and house arrest is the just sentence for faking a lie-threatening errrr life-threatening illness and I suggest that her lawyers should be included in the same judgment plus the life imprisonment for election sabotage if found guilty, LOL.

Arroyo definitely has to be in jail and may we request which I believe is by popular demand that she is incarcerated at the Cebu Provincial Jail where she can be the lead dancer of the inmates to the tune of Michael Jackson's Heal the world.

What is sad is if Philippine society may have already succumb to the ill effects of endemic corruption, a much lethal debilitating disease compared to the bogus one peddled by Arroyo that will take eons to correct. We can only hope against hope that Tito Sotto is alone or an isolated nut job errr case in his plea for misplaced respect  due he says to a former president now accused of election sabotage. Only fools will think in this manner unless one has done things that may subject them to the same predicament Arroyo is in. What is this world going to when even a priest like Fr. Eliseo Mercado, a friend to Gloria Arroyo has the gall to call those demanding for justice as a lynching mob surely maybe missing his marbles. Perhaps it is this debilitating lie-threatening disease that one gets from associating with a congenital liar with nary an ounce of conscience bleeding the nation dry that distort peoples perspective?
Gloria's Gift of Scam Queso de BOLAnte
So far all is quiet on the fertilizer scam, perhaps now is the time to revive this case and thorough investigation which in all probability will lead to Gloria Arroyo. Christmas is approaching with the possibility of Gloria Arroyo landing hard in jail and the people deserve to celebrate it with real Queso de Bola not Queso de BOLAnte......

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