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Gloria Means Happiness, says Rapist Pedophile Children Theme Park Owner Romeo Jalosjos

A theme park for children rises in historic Zamboanga that is being boasted as the Disneyland of the Philippines offering 35 rides. Dapitan is in Zamboanga where the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal spent his exile. Normally developmental projects of this magnitude are a welcome addition to boost and attract more tourists in historic Zamboanga but in the Philippines what is abnormal is normal.Gloria 'Crocodile Tears' ArroyoIn the civilized world convicted pedophile are not allowed to be near children or establishment where there are children, so what is wrong with the picture here? Of all people why did they allow Gloria Arroyo’s best buddy and political ally Romeo Jalosjos a pedophile convicted of raping an 11 year old girl to build a theme park for children? As if that is not bad enough Jalosjos boast of plans to construct a P1-billion, 12-story hotel to accommodate the influx of visitors and tourist attracted by his theme park. What? Does he think right thinking parents with minor children will be so comfortable as in having blissful enjoyment allowing their minor children especially little girls spend their time inside a theme park owned by a convicted pedophile? Why he thinks along those line was probably brought about by the lack of indignation from the people of Zamboanga. One thing for sure Zamboanga is his feudal turf thus no one seems to be scandalized at having convicted pedophile rapist owning a theme park. We can only hope that they don't take pride in said development or worse the place is hopefully not overrun yet by crazy moronic parents like those who solicits pedophile tourist to have sex with their minor children for money. Those kind of sick perverted individual are the only ones who will probably go gaga staying in a pedophile owned hotel but then again, in a nation run and lorded by criminals does it really matter who owns the establishment where they can find "happiness?"

The theme park named Gloria’s Fantasyland was not named after Gloria Macapagal Arroyo says Jalosjos because to him Gloria means blissful ignorance errrr happiness. Sure that is so “believable” that it was not named after Gloria Arroyo who after all was at the inauguration of the pedophile paradise errr theme park for children. Well, we know that Zamboanga is a place where wild crocodiles and those walking on 2 legs are found so did she happen to just visit some crocodile in Zamboanga so she dropped by for the inauguration?

This is what the proud pedophile owner of children's “happiness” or was it Jalosjos making happiness with children has to say according to this report by Judy Quiros of Inquirer below:
Jalosjos boasted that Dipolog and Dapitan were the only places in Mindanao free from terror threats today.

This is the reason, he said, why visiting the cities would make everyone safe and comfortable.
Ok, so it is safe and comfortable as he claims but what about sexual predators with pedophile perversion? If you are a responsible parent will you be comfortable bringing your minor children in a theme park and stay in a hotel owned by a convicted pedophile rapist? A rapist without remorse for his criminal perversion refusing to even apologize to his victim saying his incarceration was punishment enough.

It is obvious that our fraudulent prone electoral system is not working. It does not help that endemic corruption has seeped into the very fabric of society that we have majority of voters in Zamboanga giving tongressional seat in a silver platter to a convicted pedophile rapist. Mafia politics indeed, thus in his perverted mind Jalosjos is planning on suing former President Fidel Ramos, former Vice President Teofisto Guingona, and former Supreme Court Associate Justice Consuelo Yñares-Santiago for purportedly besmirching his reputation. Who does he think he is Erap Estrada? Erap is running to “vindicate his name” and unlike Erap he cannot, not yet anyway run for public office because he still has to wait for the “right time” for the administration to grant him executive pardon.

Is there honor among thieves? Perhaps there is, judging from the criminal behavior of present day traditional politicians (trapo) in this land of cheats, so what will stop them from favoring a fellow criminal? If Gloria Arroyo has no problem granting executive pardon to her political enemy like Joseph “Erap” Estrada a convicted plunderer who she cunningly deposed what more with a political ally who can deliver votes for her and her political party PALAKA?

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