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Manny Pacquiao the greatest boxer of all time must stay out of politics

It’s a great day for boxing aficionados the world over. The much anticipated fight where Manny Pacquiao emerged victorious will be the talk of boxing fans for quite sometime. This is a classic fight, where the fans got their moneys worth every single second of the amazing fight.

If it is great the world over it is even greater in the Philippines where people from all walks of life even those who are not boxing aficionados are celebrating Pacquiao’s unprecedented history making victory of capturing 7 weigh class title. In a nation so wracked by disunity run by pseudo leaders and utter lack of heroes Manny Pacquiao’s arrival has given rise to a phenomenon of unimaginable proportion, unity amidst adversity.
The first round of the fight has people on edge, at least I am. All of a sudden it was a realization of what we fear the most that Manny Pacquiao may have bitten more than he can chew. As it turns out, it was not to be, Manny Pacquiao was just sizing up Cotto’s strength and ability and from then on a machine like energizer of jabs, straights left and right hooks was unleashed reconfiguring Miguel Cotto’s face. A David and Goliath battle ensues and the little man who sees himself as an ordinary man was actually extraordinary great in all likelihood dominated the fight like a predator chasing a hapless defenseless prey. There is no doubt that Pacquiao is the greatest boxer of all time conceded natural welterweight title champion Miguel Cotto. Cotto being a true warrior and a gentleman has the humility of a great man and instead of blaming his corner for not stopping the fight early took full responsibility for his own decision.

Why did Cotto lost when he was the bigger and stronger fighter who is not just a regular natural welterweight but a fierce skilled champion at that? What people seems to forget is that Cotto made the mistake of firing his uncle and hiring a young untested newbie who is not a bona-fide coach/trainer. While it is the boxer’s performance in the ring that brings about his victory or defeat what Cotto’s corner did not realize was that they were up against Freddie Roach, one of the greatest coach/trainer.

Did they forget that Mike Tyson when he entered the boxing scene was chopping down much bigger and taller fighter? Guess who is Mike Tyson’s coach/trainer? It was Freddie Roach, so with his past and present accomplishment it is safe to assume that it was his forte to train smaller guys against bigger opponent. That is what makes Freddie Roach one of the greatest coach/trainer of all time thus Manny Pacquiao now refers to him as his “Master” or guru. The Pacquiao Roach combination is a formidable team to beat in the field of boxing, until a new phenomenon emerges because all good things whether we like it or not comes to an end.

Now if politics is like boxing Pacquiao is in good company but Freddie Roach while he is one of the best if not the best in this era in the field of boxing, politics especially the pathetic personality and patronage type in the Philippines is a totally different ball game. This is not like a boxing ring where one can slug it out skillfully against a single opponent with an impartial referee to ensure a clean fight and impartial judges who determine the winner in case of a decision.

In the Philippine political arena you have not just an ignorant Commission on Election but corrupt to the bones commissioners acting as election referee so one has to be criminally corrupt to play in this kind of arena. One has to realize that this constitutional body has commissioners confusing their mandate to that of Osama Bin Laden/Mullah extremist/Neo-Christian Conservative extremist all rolled into one acting like back door operators guided not by rule of law but rule of man.

In boxing you have a paying audience that is the lifeblood of the sport, in the Philippine political arena the mass electorates are like the audience but instead of paying they expect to be paid.

So who would be in the political corner of Manny Pacquiao if he ruins errr run for public office? This is not to denigrate his corner, they are the best of the best insofar as boxing is concerned but I am sure they know that politics especially the Philippine kind is beyond them.

Who then will act as Manny Pacquiao’s Freddie Roach in the field of politics? The closest we can see is torotot errrr self-confessed trumpeted Chavit Singson, a warlord, common-law-wife beater and ex-Jueteng bagman. Now how exactly will he coach the Pacman in politics?

Well, he also has anti-condom pro-baby factory former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza in his corner who can school Manny in the art of Trapo politics but if Manny wants change, Atienza is not exactly the type that can help him get there.

Let’s face it having the likes of these characters and adding Mike Arroyo, Noli de CASHtro and other known trapos in his political corner is not the type of groupies that he should be associated with especially when they are now the most unpopular and despised who will be more of a liability than an asset.

Why throw all the historic achievement down the muck of Philippine politics when Pacquiao already have established a lasting legacy in the world of boxing? Ok, I know there are the “socialist” leeches (the type of people who treats your money as their own and their money as theirs alone) who expect Manny to throw good money their way and just because he see his political “friends” giving away money to the poor, that is not the right and legal way to go about it. These are clearly the taxpayer’s money they are giving away as if it is going out of style; it is not only immoral but illegal.

Having too much money can be a blessing and a curse at the same time, just look at the experience of the lotto winners losing them all in an instance. So, we need to understand his worries that no matter how much money he earns there is a danger of losing it especially at the rate he gives it away. The differences is that unlike lotto winners his fortune was not a one time bonanza but a stream of wealth going in his direction and more to come at the rate he improves his craft.

Using the services of professional money manager if he has not done so already can make a huge difference. Politics is a bad investment that can ruin one not just financially but has the effect of moral degenerative bankruptcy. Why spoil the worldwide goodwill entering Philippine politics with its accompanying scandals if the point is to promote mendicancy that only strengthen patronage politics that we need to rid? Where is the change in that? Pacquiao need not go into politics he has to realize that he already has the connection and influence, and one has to use it accordingly and ethically in promoting investment towards building industry that can generate jobs. Pacquiao’s fight unifies the people, sustaining that unity in the realm of pathetic Philippine politics is more of a delusion, politics is a fight Pacquiao is more likely to lose even if he wins……….

Photo credit: Dung Markus

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