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EXTRA! Cyber Istambay Threatened with LIBEL!

This Inquirer editorial in my previous blog entry seems like it's on target as the election progresses and retrogresses depending on how you look at it:

“Of course, what may be immediately apparent with the First Gentleman’s court conduct is that it seems apposite to his spouse’s outbursts, her propensity to bang the phone at the slightest hint of bad news and to walk out of press conferences when she does not like the questions being thrown at her. If only for their vile temper, the two are really compatible. They deserve each other.”

“So are official outbursts a platform and policy of the government? We don’t know. What we have observed is that the legendary presidential temper seems to operate by osmosis -- from the President’s spouse and kin to the President’s fellow workers in government. What we’re seeing is a new public administration system: a management by flare-ups, a presidency by eruption.”

Hmmmmmn, operate by osmosis? I wonder if Akbayan was right in their allegations that Babae Ka is really connected or a “front” of malacanang with their similarities in this type of “management by flare-ups and a presidency by eruption” description of Inquirer. In a comment I posted at Bare the list, instead of answering the points I raised they responded with threat of including the Cyber Jaywalker in their "libel" suit. Here is the latest from my “friends”, see if there is some “osmosis” in their demeanor:

Babae Ka Says:

April 19th, 2007 at 3:03 pm

You are in the list pedestrian observer. We know who you are and what’s your position in Akbayan. Prove your allegations in court.

Takutin ninyo lelang mong panot (Go threaten your balding ancestor), uLOL, WRONG I am not with Akbayan I just formed my own BOGUS PARTY LIST called JAYWALKERS BOGUS PARTY LIST. I have not registered it yet because I am checking it out if I can "buy" a party or be nominated through some "fixers" so is this true? If so do you know of any sellers?

It is quite obvious that they can't refute the allegations of Akbayan and instead of answering this other point I raised they resort to juvenile retort. It is not working so they try and muscle their way with threatening people with libel suit, oh is that a surprise?

Huh and double huh? What a bunch of you know what, they dangle their moronic threat but does not even have a clue how it works in the court of law. Well maybe that is how it works in the injustice department where skeletal remains are recycled (it's not even in the closet, hehehe) in harassing Bayan Muna Re-electionist Satur Ocampo. Heck, how moronic is that anyway, they say prove my allegations in court? It does not work like that "sweeties", the burden of proof is not on Cyber Jaywalker the "accused" but the "accuser" which is you. So if I say that IF it is true that you are in the buying and selling of nominees and you admit and say yes then you are a bunch of scam artist of the BOGUS PARTY LIST kind. Go figure that one out.............. give me some inputs here or go to Bare the list Site and see if the first couple really has that osmosis effect on people according to Inquirer.

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