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BARE THE LIST - SUBMISSION SITE FOR BOGUS PARTY LIST NOMINEES (lets do our part be vigilant and if you know any of those bogus candidates submit their names at Akbayan's site)

Update 2:26 PM 4/12/07

It’s the party, not the nominee, Abalos the braggart (Garci) fiend or friend depending on how you look at it in Edson C. Tandoc Jr., article on Inquirer. True but if Bantay 7419 can substantiate their charges that there are fixers in Tongelec errr Comelec it appears that this argument only serves the interest of corrupt personnel and highly connected individuals and those in power.

In BOGUS PARTY LIST one of the comments from anonymous poster characterized these parties like frogs, to quote:

The problem with these “bogus” party lists is that they are like frogs that only goes out during the "rainy season" (which I mean is the election in case they don't know). If they really are for the people, then may I ask them these questions;

* What have they done already that directly benefit the people?

* What have they done to the issues that directly affect the citizens?

* What struggles of each sector’s have they addressed and won?

I hope people will know which one to choose. The issue on these party lists things is beyond the respect for the democratic rights, as what babae ka is telling, the issue is that these "BOGUS" party list are really FUNDED and ORGANIZED by the Arroyo Government to suppress and defeat the progressive party list inside the congress that opposes the wrong deeds of this government.


Now we have Abalos giving us another B.S. response on his low rating with “I WILL DO MY BESTHUH? Sorry, but your best is not good enough in a nation that is struggling to see a better Philippines, this mindset and sorry excuse of an “honorable” Commissioner task to oversee the electoral process is just pathetic and hopeless. This constipational errr constitutional body if there is any shred of decency left in them should have bowed their heads in shame and resigned en masse during the height of the garci scandal. Bragging on his crumb like shallow accomplishment being thrown in our direction when it is their long overdue job in the first place to clean the voters list is just pure hogwash. Abalos does not get it; no one wants to listen to them anymore because he and his fellow commissioners down to the lowest employees in their organization have lost the trust and confidence of the general public.

To quote Lacson on Garci's bid for a representatong cheat err seat in Erwin Oliva, & Veronica Uy's Inquirer article:

"If he gets elected, God forbid, I think we will have a Congress wrongly deserved because we should be making a strong statement against the assault on the integrity of the election," he added.

I almost would like to agree with Lacson but since when did Comelec and Congress been known for integrity? Below is a quote on the possibility of fraud in this election:

The former Philippine National Police chief said some local leaders are reportedly selling senatorial votes to the highest bidder in the cheating scheme, which involves leaving the ballot space for senators blank. He said voters in such areas tend to fill only the blanks for local candidates in their ballots. The spaces for senators are usually left blank.

Lacson said cheating is not possible without the connivance of Comelec employees and officials.

“This is not possible if there is no one from the Comelec in on the scheme. So Chairman Abalos and the other commissioners’ better look into this scheme in various parts of the country, where the votes go to the highest bidder,” he said.

Lacson said the second scheme involves Malacañang shouldering the campaign expenses of party-list groups, echoing accusations by activist party-list groups.

“Malacañang will designate the nominees in the accredited party lists. They will help them campaign. Once they win, the party lists will not stand for the marginalized sectors they claim to represent because Malacañang has bought them," he said.

Grim scenario with equally braggart commissioners with integrity and credibility problem, how the people respond to these will determine where we are headed………


Great, now in Inquirer breaking news screams this headline “Fixers sell party-list seats for P7M, says group” and of all people they were peddling the scam to the group of Ameurfino Cinco chair of the Bantay Republic Act 7941. How stupid can they get on the other hand I am glad they are that dumb or we would not have known what is going on there.

Commenting on the report, Comelec Commissioner Rene Sarmiento said he would ask the Comelec to look into the claim, saying the allegation “undermines the Comelec as an institution.”

I don’t know about the undermine part but since the Garci incident this body has no shred of credibility so what is there to undermine? And with Abalos rationalization that Garci was just bragging then maybe Comelec is a body of braggart now that it appears there are “fixers”. If this can be proven this is high treason, they should all be sent to jail and throw away the key for good measure.

Ameurfino Cinco, chair of the Bantay Republic Act 7941 or Bara, said his group had learned about the racket during a meeting with the supposed fixers about three weeks ago in Makati.

The group boasted of connections with Malacañang’s Office of External Affairs (OEA) and no less than the Commission on Elections, he said.

“They said that it was within their power to have a party-list (group) accredited because they were in power,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer in an interview Wednesday.

This is too much, what is wrong with these people, they are sick.

“This is personal knowledge, not hearsay because we talked with these people,” he said in Filipino. “They are bastardizing the party-list system.”

Cinco named both alleged fixers, one of whom was an erstwhile, outspoken critic of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo once described as a “destabilizer” of her administration.

But the man, a resident of a classy village in Muntinlupa, had been conspicuously silent especially at the height of the “Hello Garci” scandal, which nearly toppled the government two years ago.

The other alleged fixer is a known “political operator” once identified with the late Baron Cervantes, the slain, self-styled spokesperson of the military fraternity Young Officers Union. His companion was similarly visible during the wake of Cervantes.

It seems that there are more than 11 party list “fronts” in this overheard criminal boasting. While hearsay is not acceptable in court (it should open up an inquiry or investigation, but that is the Philippines so I am expecting too much, gawd), I am sure Abalos will repeat his boasting rationale and just shrugged his shoulder as always.

In the Makati meeting, Cinco said the second fixer had boasted that there were more party-list groups fronting for the Palace than the 11 organizations mentioned by Rosales.

How pathetic can these people be? They were like acting as if they were the aggrieved party at the height of the Garci scandal, this is just ridiculous.

As per the rates supposedly given by the second fixer, the group assured a party-list organization of accreditation in exchange for around P1.2 million, the starting figure.

In case a group didn’t have the money, Cinco said the fixers would have it accredited anyway, provided that they got hold of its top nomination slot. A party-list group is allowed five nominees.

The slot would then be peddled to anyone interested for around P3 million or P7 million.

Have mercy on us we are really going down the depths of hell with these scalawags running the affairs of the nation.

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