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Babae ka, Abalos and the rest of the Jokers in ’07 Philippine election

Babae Ka is acting like a scorned women, hahaha they have invaded this Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observers’ blog entries titled “BOGUS PARTY LIST” and “Reactions to BOGUS PARTY LIST” spamming with their 3 praise errr press releases.

Yeah right, like we are going to get enlightened with their hollow rant starting with the most ridiculous immature childish and truly laughable statement of:

BABAE KA CONDEMNS AKBAYAN “Accusation is nothing but a cheap shot aimed at gathering media mileage at our expense”

The Babae para sa Kaunlaran or BABAE KA condemns in the strongest possible words the unfounded accusation of Akbayan that the former is an “administration front”. This is nothing but a cheap shot aimed at gathering media mileage at our expense and that of other legitimate party-list organizations.

First of all I have never heard of this organization and I guess they were infamous errr became “famous” when their org got lumped by Akbayan with Singaw errr was that Sigaw ng Bayad yikes I meant Bayan. Why in the name of Kurdapya will Akbayan choose Binabae err Babae “sila” and 10 others including their “competitor” Ahon Penoy of Klinkity Klink who claims to be an OFW party when Votester listed them originally as a confederation of mothers?

Next to sound like a militant liberated women’s group ala NOW (middle daw) they resorted to this ridiculous charge in their 2nd press release:

“Rep. Rosales lied on national television” BABAE KA ACCUSES AKBAYAN OF SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION

Hmmmmn, I am getting confused here Etta is a “male chauvinist”? Hello how did that happen? Etta Rosales is all women and the issue she raised and the question posed with the Comelec was for being a “front” for La Presidenta.

Perhaps it will enlighten us if this org instead of ranting and posturing that they represent womanhood of Bansang Madaya should inform us what if any have they done in alleviating the plight of women. If all they do is rant they deserved to be told……..SHOOO GO AWAY! NOT IN MY BLOG, GO DO YOUR THING IN YOUR OWN BLOG.

In another development in an Inquirer report titled “Abalos to critics: I am not my brother’s keeper” surely earns a DOUBLE BOOOOH from this Jaywalking Cyber Pedestrian Observer together with Mr. Borra, on the other hand how about a TRIPPLE BOOOH instead because we cannot just leave Garci baby the “mayabang” konsumisyoner according to Abalos in Greg Macabenta’s interview. Hello anyone home……. You may not be your bothers (nope no typo there for being bothersome I suppose) keeper but you are the keeper of the sanctity of the ballot in ensuring a clean, honest and fair election, or is it too much to ask?

Here is the interview of Greg Macabenta on Abalos:

During the open forum, I asked Abalos about this incriminating statement. I’m reproducing the transcript of our exchange (from a video recording), for the readers to judge:

GM - From your account, where Garcillano appears to have committed to make certain candidates win, it would seem to me that you have assumed that Garci was guilty - a commissioner of the Commission on Elections - of election fraud, for trying to manipulate the elections. Ang tanong ko po - ano po ang ginawa ng Comelec, para –(My question is – what did the Comelec do to -)

ABALOS - No, I said -

GM - Sinabi niyo kanina po (
You said earlier) - what he committed - what he committed hindi nangyari – (did not happen) …But nonetheless, ang tanong ko - mali pa din ba ang ginawa ni Garci o hindi? (my question is – was what Garci did wrong or not?)

ABALOS -No what I said -

GM - And what did you do about it?

ABALOS - No, what I said, there were these misrepresentations - but none of this ever happened. None of this ever happened. Ibig sabihin nuon,(
what it means is) there was this man who was merely trying to impress the person he was talking to -

GM - But was he committing a crime?

ABALOS - You know, making a - pag nagyayabang ka (if you’re boasting), is that a violation?

G - Ang ibig sabihin (
you mean) he did not commit a violation when he committed to make somebody win, being a commissioner of the commission on elections?

ABALOS - Tapos na nga ho, eh. (
It was already over)

GM - No, no, no, kahit tapos. (
even if over)

ABALOS- Eh, it was over.

GM - Ay naku (
oh, my), so you did not consider it wrong that he made a commitment despite being a Comelec commissioner? How is that possible? And then you ask us to believe?

A - No, no please. Look, I was explaining. Here is a person who was talking to somebody, making representations about this, this and that.

G - Pero hindi ba illegal iyon? (But wasn’t that illegal?)

Abalos continued to insist that Garci was “merely trying to impress.” (he carefully modified that: “…assuming it was Garci…that has not been proven…”)

ABALOS – Now you tell me, what crime has he committed?

Abalos then pointed out that the Senate and the House had investigated the Garci scandal “for two years” and “there was not even a recommendation to have him charged.” Of course, Abalos ignored the fact that the Arroyo-controlled Congress refused to do anything about the case.

Abalos continued to justify the actions of Garcillano.

ABALOS - Kung ang isang tao ay nagyayabang lamang – (If a man was just boasting) that is my point. Somebody was trying to impress somebody - ano'ng kasalanan nuon? (What’s wrong there?)

GM - Oh, come on, come on.

ABALOS - O - If I tell - if I tell you - ibig mong sabihin ang pagyayabang is kasalanan – (
You mean, boasting is wrong?)

GM - Do that in America and he will be charged -

ABALOS - You mean, in America if I make - if I make a -

GM - As a Comelec commissioner - as a commissioner of the elections - you make a commitment to make somebody win?

ABALOS - Probably for - for impropriety, yes, For impropriety but not for a crime. For impropriety, yes. That's why he was not reappointed. Remember, he was - he was - he was - he was only an interim appointee. That is why after that incident he was never reappointed. That was probably his punishment.

So there. Going by the Abalos Electoral Doctrine, if a Comelec official commits to make a candidate win in the May elections (and you can be sure, it won’t be for free), there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. He’ s just trying to impress.

Is it any wonder, the Comelec and Philippine elections are a mess?

Yada yada yada, and he thinks he can pull a fast on that one? No wonder the party list system is a mess, as if it is not bad enough that electorates will rummage through 17K positions to be filled in this election we have 91 going on 93 (if the 2 disqualified gets the “reprieved” yeah like convicts from the Comelec) party list to look into with almost half of them questionable or outright BOGUS PARTY LIST. And we blame the masses for being dumb in electing scalawags into office? When this disorderly electoral contest gets more complicated and muddled with commissioners who play IWAS PUSOY(weasel), hesumalosep what are the taxpayers spending billions of scarce resources appreciated peso daw for anyway, if they all act like the biggest weasel in Bansang Madaya?

Hmmmmn, Akbayan is having a very difficult time getting the party list nominees so they can lodge a complaint with Comelec and this stickler for the rules and law kuno will not release it and even had the gall to threaten a person who announces these nominees with prison time almost got me going, hehehe. Well do your job as I have mentioned before police your own rank and ARREST ABALOS! He not only confirmed in the printed madaya errr media his bothers nomination but even campaign for him with his spiel on how his bro helped the trycicle people and his “qualifications”. And they complain about people who don’t follow the rules when they themselves are guilty of it, hypocrites all shame on you people. Delicadeza died a long time ago and conflict of interest will soon follow suit at the rate these people oversee our electoral contest.

How “noble” of Mr. Abalos in saying:

“A party-list group is prohibited by law from getting government backing of any kind. I do hope someone will file a case on this,” Abalos said.

Now, how exactly can they do that if Mr. Borra is adamant in not releasing the official list to the petitioner? Here you are “hoping” that “someone” will file a case when they are right there in front of you, Akbayan needs the list for their disqualification petition so what’s up with that soap opera good guy stance? Uhuh, yeah I believe you.

And then, what’s up with this con puwit err ass guy below?

“They’re bastardizing the party-list system,” Lambino said, referring to Rosales and her group.

Ayayay, no originality, how can genuine Party List Akbayan bastardize the “system” when they are not the one who are in Banat's situation? Baligtad na talaga ang mundo, yikes how cheap indeed. Here is what Etta Rosales has to say on Lambino:

Sought for comment, Rosales told the Inquirer in a text message: “Can’t he even be original? He throws back at us behavior he is guilty of -- a GMA stooge bastardizing the party-list system after failing to bastardize the people’s initiative by forging signatures and deceiving the people. He deserves public contempt and rejection even before the 2007 polls.”

At least there are some Lambino accusation that looks valid and need to be clarified by those concerned:

Lambino also took issue with the “lifestyle” of Rosales, her fellow Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel and economist Walden Bello, one of the group’s nominees in the May elections.

“Are they marginalized?” he asked. “They’re living luxurious lives. They’ve been frequently traveling abroad.”

And this:

Lambino said he was wondering why Rosales wasn’t picking on other party-list groups supposedly fronting for religious organizations. He cited Buhay and Cibac, which were represented in the 13th Congress by Rene Velarde and Joel Villanueva, respectively.

Velarde is the son of El Shaddai leader Bro. Mike Velarde while Villanueva is the son of Bro. Eddie Villanueva of the Jesus Is Lord Movement.

And what exactly is the business of sex errr religious sect doing in a party list?

Hah, enough of that here is the combined list of questionable party list so voters will know:

1-United Transport Koalisyon

Aangat ang Kabuhayan (ANAK)

Aangat Tayo

Abante Ilonggo


Abgbiag Timpuyog Ilocano Inc.

Agricultural Sector Alliance of the Philippines Inc.


Akbay Pinoy OFW-National Inc.


Aksyon Sambayanan


Alay sa Bayan ng Malayang Propesyona

and Repormang Kalakal

Alliance for Barangay Concerns

Alliance for Nationalism and Democracy

Alliance of Neo-Conservatives

Alliance of People's Organizations

Alliance of Volunteer Educators

The True Marcos Loyalist Inc.

Alyansa ng mga Grupong Haligi ng Agham

at Teknolohiya Para sa Mamamayan Inc.


Ang Galing Pinoy

Ang Kasangga

Ang Laban ng Indihinong Filipino

Angat Antas Kabuhayan Pilipino Movement

Angat Ating Kabuhayan

Arts Business and Science Professional

Asosasyon ng Maliliit na

Negosyanteng Gumaganap Inc.

Association of Administrators,

Professionals and Seniors

Babae Ka!

Babae Para sa Kaunlaran

Bago National Cultural Society of the Philippines

Bagong Alyansang Tagapagtaguyod

ng Adhikaing Sambayanan

Barangay Association for National

Advancement and Transparency

Bigkis Pinoy Movement

Biyaheng Pinoy

Biyaheng Pinoy

Biyayang Bukid

Filipinos for Peace, Justice and Progress Movement

Hanay ng Aping Pinoy


Kapatiran ng mga Nakakulong na Walang Sala

Kasangga sa Kaunlaran Inc.

Kasosyo Producer-Consumer Exchange

Parents Enabling Parents

Pwersa ng Bayaning Atleta

Sulong Barangay Movement

The True Marcos Loyalist Inc.

United Movement Against Drugs

NOTE: I have removed PARENTS ENABLING PARENTS (PEP) in the list of Urban Poor for Legal Reforms (UP-LR) and Bantay R.A. 7941 they are petitioning for disqualification based on feedbacks from Scumey and Yuko Takei. They are victims of this educational plan company and it seems they are being victimized again in the conduct of dirty electoral contest populated by "fixers" (as reported by TV news crew) and inept body tasked to oversee clean and honest election.

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