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Prospero Pichay of LWUA a Le Cirque Copy Cat

Never mind that the people of Metro Manila are literally drowning unleashed by nature’s wrath of typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana). A natural disaster exacerbated by decades of ignoring the consequence of rapid urbanization without considering the impact on the environment risking the safety and well being of its people. Philippine politics and politicians are indeed worthless freak side show aping their showbiz counterpart of the show must go on because nothing will stop Prospero Pichay in celebrating the 38th anniversary of the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) a government owned corporation.
Callous Prospero PichayWhile ordinary individuals and Overseas Filipinos are doing extra ordinary things having no connection whatsoever with the government turn their celebration into a fund raising event to help the victims of Ondoy, Pichay in his ignorance and callous disregard for the plight of Ondoy victims goes on an extravagant party binge to please his master La Gloria de Napoleona y Le Cirque Arroyo. Shameless indeed, while thousands of people are cramped in evacuation centers scrounging for whatever relief is available and those stranded on top of their roofs starving, the thick skinned government officials feasted on a 7 course buffet and wine courtesy of Henry’s Catering Services on September 30, 2009 from 9 to 11PM.

Where oh where is their decency? Wrong question I supposed since it is unrealistic to expect politicians whose mandate came from backdoor cheating operations in the first place so it should follow that what is abnormal in an abnormal situation is normal. How abnormal are these people? It is safe to say that they are similar in most respect to a Mafiosi family in mindset. Criminal syndicate operates and thrives on the code of silence; unless one has a death wish no one dares rats out anyone in the family. The problem with government officials that are unwilling to take responsibility for their misdeeds and people not holding them accountable only emboldens corrupt government officials for more shenanigans as seen in this report by JP Lopez of Malaya:
HEADS rolled at the Local Water Utilities Administration after its 36th founding anniversary celebration, which critics described as "extravagant," was leaked to media last week.

A source said Teodoro Reynoso and Victor Alerta of the Public Affairs Department were sacked and remanded to their former lower positions.

Reynoso is the acting department manager. He was with the institutional and media relations division.

Alerta is the acting manager of the media production division. He was with media relations.

Another source said the two may have earned the ire of LWUA chief Prospero Pichay.
"Yun na nga ang tingin ng mga tao dito. Napag-initan talaga sila ni Pichay," the source said. (That is how it was perceived by people here. They really earned the ire of Pichay).
Instead of rectifying their misdeeds and poor judgment Pichay would rather sack those who rats them out. The problem is why in the name of Garcified presidency did Gloria Arroyo once again went along on a Le Cirque like extravagance when she knew all along that the people are starving? It’s bad enough she squandered her calamity fund to the tune of P800 million thus all she can offer the poor people when she “opened” Malacañang gates was just some lousy pandesal (bread) and soda. And yet she sees no problem and even feasted with Pichay is truly the height of callous insensitivity. She should have realized the stupidity of her skewed sense of priorities leaving her flat broke unable to handle emergencies and as if to stress her folly which she has no clue, mother nature unleashed more calamities in other parts of the country. They truly belong to each other and Pichay for his part even has the nerve to lash out at the critics below:
Pichay has lashed at critics for saying that holding the celebration during a time of calamity was the "height of insensitivity."

"Insensitivity belongs to those who give out critical words instead of helping out the victims of the calamity," he said.
Now what is wrong with Pichay or what kind of numb nut responds in this manner? What, does he think he is Mikey Arroyo, or having a contest on who is the biggest brat? Did his extravagance help the victims if I may ask? Well, no matter how you look at the extravagant celebration it is wrong on all levels, except perhaps from a half full glass or was it half fool perspective which hopefully will ultimately awaken the people to actively organize and remove these misfits out of office.

Of course my favorite Senadora Miriam Santiago as usual will go on her usual spiel below:
Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago has urged private individuals and organizations to file a petition for damages against Pichay and other LWUA officials as the celebration "should be considered an extravagance during a time of calamity."
If I would have been like the Senadora who when angry as hell froths in the mouth hudas errrr who does she think she is fooling? Why zero in on Prospero Pichay alone? Her ally Gloria Arroyo was there too who as the president of the cheating republic should have known better not to indulge in another extravagant food and wine binging fresh from the Le Cirque scandal and yet Lady Miriam conveniently leaves her out of it.

If there is any lesson we can all learn from this, it is not a good idea to appoint politicians and a trapo at that to government owned corporations who actually treat the corporation like their fiefdom affecting the viability of the agency. But then again, what are the chances that whoever Gloria Arroyo appoints will do a good job when she sets a bad example..........

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