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Joseph ‘Erap’ Ejercito Estrada Announces his Presidential Bid in the Philippine Electoral Circus

You know the circus is in town when you see throngs of the great unwashed flocking to a political rally of a disgraced convicted plunderer chanting “Babalik si Jueteng este Erap!” (Erap is coming back!). Their patron and idol is back challenging the mentally challenge ooops the administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo although the administratong anointed candidate Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro cousin of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino on Danding Cojuangco side barely makes it to the poll, as in almost zero numbers but enough to get included in the survey list, lol.
Joseph 'Erap' Ejercito EstradaJoseph “Erap” Estrada as usual takes on the pseudo class war stance identifying himself with the dispossessed as in having been dispossessed of his wealth with Arroyo representing the rich elite enemy of the poor. Or should we say the anti-graft court’s freezing of his estimated US$87M account that seems to dwindle to almost nothing and ultimately forgotten by the administration. Well, it is a good line especially for an actor who thinks he can act his way back to the presidency except he seems to ignore or unaware of the Noynoy phenomenon that will give him a run for his money.

Of course, targeting a very unpopular administration makes for a good sound byte, we just don’t know how it will help him especially if what Antonio Abaya say’s below of Gibo Teodoro is true:
I understand that he has communicated with his cousin Noynoy that in case his run for the presidency fizzles out, he would support him (Noynoy). Shades of Alberto Romulo! If true, it could start an Abandon Ship! stampede from the sinking Superferry Gloria.
Scratch that, but then again if the geniuses in Malacañang did not rush his executed errr executive pardon the same pardon that convicted pedophile Romeo Jalosjos longs for in order to run for public office, Joseph “Erap” Estrada will still be in jail or confined in his mansion instead of making a circus (not that it is not already a circus freak side show) of the electoral process. Will there be a deluge of petitions to stop Estrada’s bid for the presidency that will come from his own backyard as the rah rah boys of Malacañang avers? Anything can happen especially in the dysfunctional personality and patronage political system of the Philippines. On the other hand maybe not, as politicians in the Philippines are bereft of principles and act are more like a Mafia crime syndicate where personal loyalty takes precedence above all else.

Madame Butterfly errrr Jejomar Binay in a swipe directed at Noynoy Aquino urge people not to vote for a presidential wannabe unprepared to rule the country. Stating further that we have yet to see their concern for the poor and the next administration should focus on uplifting the living conditions of the poor. Bravo! Exactly how they intend to do that escapes me, especially when you see them encourage mendicancy reducing people as beggars as shown in Philip Tubeza's report:
“He has never forgotten us. Even when he was in jail, his wife and children still sent us canned goods,” said driver Joel Sacaging, 34, of Parola, a slum area in Tondo.
It makes you wonder if those free canned goods are part of alleviating the living condition of the poor, what it does is basically reduced people to mendicancy and once the freebies are consumed did it improve their lot? Free canned goods and free meals to attend their rally now that should not come as a surprise to see 10,000 poor people crowding and chanting “Babalik si Erap!” when freebies are to be had.

The comeback kid will run on Jueteng platform (Erap is definitely prepared and has the experience to brag when it comes to Jueteng), legalized Jueteng to be precise which will probably reduce cheating and the much needed added revenue to the government but if corruption is endemic will it really work seamlessly? Of course the Catholic priest are fuming and urge Estrada to quit, while they present valid arguments on the ills of gambling they have no right to dictate on who should run for elective position. Religious bloc voting like those of Iglesia ni Kristo is bad enough and for the bishops and priest to dictate on who should and not run is even worst. After all they minister to the soul and conscience of their flock except we just don’t know if politicians still has those. They should stay away from politics unless they give up their the tax exempt privilege, then they can dip their fingers on politics especially those hypocrite bishop and priest shamelessly accepting funds from gambling lords.

Speaking of gambling this reminds us of the disappearance of Pagcor employee Edgar Bentain responsible for releasing the surveillance videotape of Estrada and his gambling buddies playing Baccarat at Heritage Hotel Casino. Talks going around were that the Casino’s was where influential people “withdraw” money in the guise of playing and questions arose whether Bentains disappearance had unwittingly exposed the racket. Of course Estrada in his mind can’t do no wrong just like how he deludes himself he was “acquitted” by his "people" on the eve of his conviction of plunder charges, talk about being cleared by a jury of his own, lol.

Make war not peace, another sound byte that probably makes the maricon errrr neo-cons jumping in ecstasy no not doing drugs but ecstatic at his hawkish stand. A ploy perhaps to get noticed by the US except his long stay at the Tanay mansion probably took a toll on him not realizing that the neo-cons are now out of power with the new Obama administration trying to figure out how to get out of the war instead of waging wars.

Never mind that he was implicated by Panfilo Lacson in the disappearance of PR Man Buddy Dacer, his driver Corbito and Edgar Bentain or the family of Dacer about to include him in the criminal complaint, he has to run no matter what. Then there are legal issues and legal questions on Erap's run but then again how the court rules and interprets the law really depends on the ones who weild political power. With so many jokers and presidential wannabes, so presidential in their deluded minds is just like watching a circus freak side show. The only personality missing right now is nuisance candidate Eddie Gil and that should complete the cast of clowns of a very interesting election.

Karl Marx says that "History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, second as a farce." Was that prophetic or what? Marx is a philosopher despite his views on religion I think Erap just elevated Marx into a prophet. No doubt the observation accurately described the coming 2010 Philippine electoral circus particularly pointing towards Joseph "Erap" Ejercito Estrada trying to do a repeat............. a farce indeed.

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