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Chiz Escudero Bolts NPC, a Tele-Novela Political Gimmick?

Wow, I dare say Bravo for a very “bold” decision of Chiz Escudero in bolting out of “kingmaker” Danding Cojuangco’s Nationalist Peoples Coalition (NPC). Some wagging tongue from within his own party was saying it was due to the measly P200M allocated by the “kingmaker” that is the reason why he resigned from NPC which he vehemently denies. He says it was not about the money, hmmmmmm yeah right. It is not about the money says Chiz but not according to a source quoted by Inquirer who claims to be present in most of the meetings where Chiz floated just about P5 smacking billion on the funding he needed. And that started the falling out or “difference in opinion.”
Chiz 'Doggie Pedigree' EscuderoSome people were teary eyed on the development in awe or was it because they just caught a sty that they confuse for emotional reaction as a major breakthrough of such bold political move of repudiating his own political party to ruin errr run a quixotic party less campaign. Well, if one lives under a rock and has not noticed all these years or almost quite an eternity that the Philippines is a semi-feudal society where politics of patronage still rules then dream on.

I will dare venture to say that Chiz Escudero’s “bold” act is nothing but a tele-novela political gimmick as a way out of the race while staying in the limelight. If it is not then he has not matured all these years perhaps a carryover of his brat images he being part of the house brat pack. Ross Perot with ton loads of money did not succeed in his presidential run as a president in the US of A what more in the Philippines where no one has won as an independent in a presidential contest.

If the Fil-Am politician in the US of A are going broke because their base of support are too stingy and so used to the political culture in the Philippines where they expect to receive than give their measly dollars what more in the Philippines? Why even advocacy groups expect funding do you think he can gather enough campaign people to help him for free and spend their own money to bankroll his P5B funding requirement?

This late in the game, how can Chiz who trails so badly in the polls who can’t even beat 2nd placer C-5 & Taga fame and 3rd placer comeback kid Erap continue his presidential ambition without funding and political machinery is dreaming but then again no one can stop people from hallucinating errr dreaming so go ahead. Chiz cannot even come close to Noynoy Aquino garnering most of the numbers so far and still growing strong and without an organization is plain political hara-kiri but that is if it is really his intent which is really doubtful at this point in time. It’s all about buying errrr I meant giving and the voters so used to receiving so lets face it he has no squat of a chance not by any stretch of imagination.

There is no doubt that Chiz is good at portraying himself as a man with no pedigree therefore a man for the masses but some people are disagreeing and insisting Chiz is wrong and in fact he is pedigreed contrary to what he claims. Some people claim that his father Sonny Escudero III is a known Marcos rabid tuta (running dog) so if that is true then he also has a doggie pedigree. If that is so is he is just being modest?

So what are his options if he is still intent on running, well as they say there are no permanent enemies in politics especially the Philippine kind where loyalties are based on personalities so there is a possibility for more shocking development or gimmickry depending on how one perceive it?

Independence, that is what he claims and he does not want to be dictated by his party in lieu of his loyalty to the people of the Philippines. Say what now? Really, but then again some sectors are buying it like the militant group who thinks this will pave the way for a platform based electoral contest and dares others to follow suit. Ahhh in what planet do these people think they live in or perhaps stayed too long out there that they seem to see a bizarre reality.

Of course politicians in the Philippines are inspired by the meteoric rise of Barack Obama and eventual election to the presidency of the most powerful nation in the world, but that is a different case. He did not run without a party and did the groundwork well in advance solidifying his mass support base, so if the intent of Chiz was to emulate Obama it is nothing but a poor shallow mimicking that does not even come close to how it was done.

The Nobel Peace Prize is out of the question if he wants to emulate Obama, besides there is no way he can be in their radar not even by a long shot. His “super hero” make-believe image that he puts out is definitely not something for Nobel Peace Prize to consider but that should not discourage his supporters to come up with another prize that is by creating something like a “Novelty Piece Price.” I know just the title itself is bizarre but let me explain further, Leslie Bocobo although he doubts it will fly as in out the window has an excellent idea that may just earn him the price. Just like Mar Roxas he needs to slide down to complete the boldness and the perception of one willing to sacrifice for the sake of the nation. Leslie is willing to broker a deal and I am also for it by fielding the boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao as the President and Chiz Escudero as the Vice-President. Exactly why this is so, well the gimmick errr the tandem is not complete without Jolibee stepping into the picture for a win-win political business arrangement. You must have heard of the juicy Champion burger of Jolibee so the slogan will be vote for the Champ with Chiz…… now is that not a win-win for all party of a party less coalition. They are all promoting each other in the process except I have no idea if Jolibee is crazy enough to spend P5 smacking Billion to bankroll this but this idea is definitely a “Novelty Piece Price” contender.

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