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Spread Some Love on Valentines Day to Terrorist Queens

Ok, I realized that celebrating Valentines Day is not exactly halal (permitted in Islam) but haaram (totally forbidden in Islam) for the fundamentalist Islamic Jihads. The pagan origins of Valentines Day as expounded by the Islamic Thinkers Society presented a strong case against the celebration for Muslims but for non-Muslims now that it has evolved with the modern times that should not stop us from celebrating the occasion. Assbrella for Terrorist JihadsWe are living in modern times and not in the medieval times and yet there are those rigid fundamentalist who desperately tries to turn back time which is alright since that is their religious belief. That is still their choice and who are we to impose what is right and wrong but on the other hand who are they to force us infidels to follow their retrogression. Ok, before we get carried away this is not about whether Valentines Day is Halal (permitted in Islam) or Haram (prohibited in Islam) but about spreading love on Valentines Day.

So in keeping with the celebration it is just fitting to spread some love on Valentines Day to Terrorist Queens because sex is sadaqa (an act of voluntary kindness pleasing to God). Saqada as in sex between married couples and not "hetersosexual" men gang raping another man, boys, women or little girls that is just so wrong on all levels. The Political Jaywalker normally does not endorse products but since it is Valentines day we can make an exception. There is a Muslim sex shop where you can buy your love one a gift, an underwear with halal (permitted in Islam) printed in front, flip it over and it says haram (forbidden in Islam).... take note terrorist 'queenies" backdoor entry is forbidden.

For your neighborhood Jihad terrorist there is one item that is getting viral, that even Jay Leno featured in his Stuff we found on EBay portion and getting tremendous hits. This was also featured at Pranks.com and Unfortunate names, I just don’t know if this was inspired by Rihanna’s Umbrella song. Here is how Pranks.com described it:

If you like umbrellas that also make a statement, you’ll really enjoy assbrellas. They’re black with a full moon printed on top. We’re sure you’ll get lots of laughs from people viewing you from above. Or, better yet, tilt it to make your point. A must-have for strolling past the UN, walking on Wall Street, or visiting anywhere else you’d like to drop your drawers.
Yes, but if you are using that assbrella where gang of terrorist Jihads congregate you better make sure you equip your behind with this rape deterrent instrument. If it is not available the next option is to sharpen that assbrella tip in case they try to mount it like a cowboy.

Assbrella is the one offering this novelty, to quote:

Right now is the perfect time to buy an Assbrella. Makes a great Valentines Day gift! Also ideal for birthdays, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, corporate giveaways, housewarmings, college care packages, conjugal visits, and general rain and sun protection.
Noticed how Assbrella people included conjugal visits, was it to remind jailbirds that they should not look at asses the same way again? Something is missing here, the assbrella is one item that really goes well with perverts of the terrorist Jihad type with ass fixation……… maybe just maybe constant viewing and exposure is a good mind conditioning exercise to make it normal so as not to be treated as an object to satiate their lust. This assbrella is a real novelty but in the land of Kama Sutra they may frown on this where extremist Hindus led by Pramod Muthalik of the Shri Ram Sena a talibani like radical group are on a rampage acting as the "morality police" beating up women in pubs threatening Valentine Day celebrants with violence.

Meanwhile in the interest of gender equality here is a gift suggestion for the wives to give to their Al Kerida (paramour) errr Qaeda terrorist type husband...... the Philippine Playboy Edition for it's "tasteful" nudity showing a one breasted woman errr only one nipple. An oddity that befits odd people to rid their desire away from that nasty backdoor entry when they are not even Comelec (Philippine Commission on Elections) backdoor cheating operators...........

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