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Cisco brings The Human Network Effect via Tele-Presence in the Philippines

Just got an email from JC Valenzuela on the latest technology on Tele-Presence a cutting edge technology you may have seen on the TV commercial linking 2 town square In China and Italy where 2 children was having a dance off to the tune of John Lennon’s Only People. A quote from JC Valenzuela’s email:
Cisco Philippines is launching Cisco TelePresence – a cutting-edge tool that allows face-to-face, real-time communications between parties in several locations, taking cross-border communication to a new level.

That being said, Cisco TelePresence in the Philippines, is being positioned as a service which can help Pinoy OFWs communicate with their families back home (in the Philippines).

Cisco TelePresence has situated sites in Hong Kong and in the Philippines (for its initial arm of the service duration) where Pinoy OFWs in HK can communicate with their families in the Philippines. The service is free at this point, and is opened for Pinoy OFWs who register online.

Since we expect a lot of interest, we are prioritizing OFWs who have not seen their families for at least more than 1 year. Moreover, the Cisco TelePresence is situated in Metro Manila, hence another variable in terms of preference – just so that it wouldn’t be hard for both parties to situate the call. (This is also the initial plan, and may expand to other areas in the future).Last preference is that participants to be of legal age.
Wonderful I should say, since this is free initially I suggest OFWs in Hong Kong who are qualified and their families in the Philippines to avail of this memorable opportunity to seriously check this out. Below is the Saavedra Family:

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