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Controversy in the Mauling of Marcel Piezas and underage drinking in ‘Open Party’

There is an email going the rounds coming from Celine Piezas mother of Marcel Piezas a 2nd year Ateneo high school student mauled at an “Open Party,” posted at Katrina Ponce Enrile's Notes, that you can also read here, here, here, summaries here or the twisted Stoya side.

“Open Party” is an event outside of campus sponsored by groups of High School students from exclusive schools such as Ateneo, Assumption, Poveda etc. that attracts illegal activities. Unsupervised minors organizing an event where sex, drugs, and alcohol are involved a surefire ingredient for chaotic night that results at times with destruction and brawling, to quote Celine Piezas:
I cannot sleep soundly knowing that our sons and daughters are prone to being swallowed by profligacy. Did you parents know that kids nowadays dance "spooning" style? Did you know that there are mobile bars for rent that serve "mocktails" or full fledged cocktails and beer in bubble containers to our young teen-agers unmindful of the alcohol prohibition for minors (ask Sober Club, Elation, Party Fuel, Club Fishbone, Booze, Event Shaker, On the Rocks, etc.). I even heard that open parties are now being used by pushers as their market for mood altering wares. I didn't even know that the Greenmeadows party that Marcel attended was entitled "Lust", which is one of a series of seven parties named after the seven deadly sins. I was shocked at having found out the organizers' preference for their party names.
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The incident is so disturbing while it has similarities to the Bambee De La Paz and Mayor GoofBall errr Pangandaman in the Valley Golf brawl where exclusive enclaves of the upper midget errr middle class to filthy rich are now becoming venues of aberrant behavior and equally aberrant response after the incident. I really don’t care as much when it comes to golf since it is a silly game of hitting a small ball while squandering so many acreage of land when you see the dire situation of landless farmers trying to survive in a nation so impoverished by corrupt government leaders. But this kind of incident, you don’t expect happening at these places may indeed reflect where Philippine society is heading……. down the muck of sliding into the abyss of retrogression.

To think that “Open Parties” are held in exclusive villages where minors, repeat minors are breaking the laws on underage drinking coupled with illegal drugs is a sure sign of disaster that corrupts young minds that it is ok to indulge in stupidity. Hearing about this “Open Party” which is actually more of a Dumb Party surely makes me glad that we left this godforsaken place as we used to send our kids to these exclusive schools and imagining the horror of bringing them up in that environment is not what a responsible parent is envisioning in raising responsible contributing members of society.

Another problem that seems to be the norm in this event is the overcrowding where organizers allow in patrons double to triple the capacity of the venue. Fire hazard and safety concerns that obviously being minors do not realize the consequence of having a huge crowd that they can’t handle. Now, are these organizers supervised by an adult or are they on their own? If there is no adult supervision, do the exclusive village associations enter into a contract with minors? Why do the residents not complain with the police if they see that their clubhouses are overran and packed to more than their capacity spilling to the parking lots?

The response that I read at Mommy Aya’s blog hopefully does not mirror the mindset of ignorant youths in a society where the culture of corruption is so endemic that may have destroyed their sense of what is just and right at an early stage of their formative life. Youths that one day will inherit what pathetic leaders of today will leave in complete shambles to be replaced by equally pathetic leaders of the future. This is probably why even young leaders of today that we see in the house of representathieves errr representatives and the house of kotongs errr senatongs, yikes I meant senate are nothing but big disappointments wallowing in pigsty errr following in their predecessors footsteps.

There is one who claimed to be an “American” and a Filipino at the same time who says that underage drinking is the norm even in the US just so amazes me and wondering in what ghettoville he was raised by his parents. Or one who claims that drinking is condoned by parents during holidays and special occasion truly baffles the mind. Why did I not know of that? I am not exactly living under a rock or something and I used to drink and has mellowed down to social drinking once in a blue moon. Never have I seen or encountered in the US of A parents even of Filipinos allowing their minor children to drink alcohol. But then again, maybe there are those that fit our Amboy Pinoy’s “perceptive” puny mind. If there are any that I missed, they probably ended up in prison for corruption of minors, child endangerment and abuse thus I somehow did not see those kind of parents.

I thought I have seen everything but these puny dumb morons in trying to rationalize and defend their alcohol induced partying are rushing to defend the organizers. Trying desperately to appeal in their deluded sense of fairness that bar owners stands to lose business if minors are not allowed to drink alcohol in their establishments. Now that is truly the height of moronization of a nation. Ok, I know and my apologies to the Moros, moronization is not a word but you know what I mean and besides it rhymes with nation, lol.

It appears that Marcel Piezas and her mom Celine Piezas is now the butt of “jokes” in campuses where the rumors had been flying like Gloria Arroyos Garcified million votes. Marcel for being a "tattletale" and her mom for being a “hypocrite” in exposing what goes on in the “Open Party" because partying is the end all of everything in life. The bigger problem here is why are the youths calling Celine Piezas a hypocrite tells a lot on the kind of society that the Philippines is in. Is this an indication that there is no law against underage drinking and that underage drinking is the norm or rite of passage? Just like the Goofball Valley Golf Brawl there seems to be a fixation on the other side of the coin no matter how dumb and ridiculous it is. The youths are pathetically yapping their resentment over their "side" of the deal on losing their "entitlement" to have an alcohol induced and even going on a drug high "Open Party" is as ridiculous as it gets. Wake up people, if this is how the youths of today see their society that is sadly a reflection of poor parenting in a corrupt environment surely is a formula for retrogression and being left in the dust by progressive neighboring Asian countries.

Heck, this is the problem when people ape what they see in the west. Unfortunately what they saw or heard that happens during spring break are not high school kids but college kids and not minors anymore. These alcohol binges they see are usually done in countries where there is utter lack or lax in enforcing laws against excessive drinking like Mexico which is just like the Philippines……. corrupt and relaxed as long as the moolah is coming in. Is this a sign where Philippine society is headed, as in nowhere land and getting worse when we see the youths from exclusive schools starting to act and talk gibberish like the contemporary fooliticians of the garcified kind?

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