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FilVets Prayer of Thanksgiving

Forwarded by Col. Butch Moreto (Ret.)

Cavaliers, Cyber Prayer Warriors, Friends and Families who pray with us - - - a call to prayer! (Prayer #2009-02-023)

We had prayed before for our aging World War II Filipino veterans. At long last, the United States government has finally approved the payment of benefits for their wartime services. Although it is now 3 AM as this CPW prayer is written, what better time to pray for such a profound event. Will you please hold my hand in cyberspace and together, let us pray:-

Filipino Veterans of World War II - Prayer of Thanksgiving
Our Father in Heaven, Creator of all humankind and source of all goodness and justice, we thank You for answering our CPW prayers for the final approval of the long pending legislation for Filipino World War II veterans.

Receive our heartfelt gratitude for touching the hearts of our senators and representatives to pass the legislative edict for the compensation of their wartime services. Lord, they have been waiting for the past 63 years for the United States Congress to reverse the effects of the Rescission Act of 1946.

Thank You for opening the minds and softening the hearts of our nation's leaders to acknowledge the sacrifices of these veterans in defense of freedom that we now enjoy. By Your Divine Act, You have raised our leaders' dedication to Your Standards of order, equity and justice. May we hunger and thirst after justice always.

We pray today that each veteran would feel the presence of Your Divine Love and the touch of Your comforting hand. We pray that each one would know that You are in control. We ask that You would bestow upon these veterans, spouses and their children with support, love, comfort and even pure joy at this time for this heavenly gift. In You, nothing is impossible.

As always, in Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

Prayer Request and draft by :-
CPW Pete Feliciano Yapit,
son of World War II veteran

Caption: Filipino Veterans during an event at UCLA
Photo by D. C. Grava

For more information on filing for FilVet claims click on US Embassy on New Filipino WWII Veterans Benefit
Dionesio C. Grava - Part-time community journalist based in Los Angeles and editorial writer at Forum Asia.

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