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Sarah Palin’s Pit Bull with Lipstick is Unfair to Mans’ Best Friend

This is unfair! Whoever coined the Pit Bull with Lipstick for Sarah Palin is doing a disservice to man’s best friend giving Pit Bulls a bad reputation.Pitt Bull with no Lipstick

Pit Bulls are no different from any other breed of dog just like any dog they want to please their masters as a companion and loyal friend.

Dog trainers believe they only become vicious if they are trained to kill but they do so based on pleasing their master being a loyal friend that they are.

This is a mistake and it does not help the cause of Pit Bulls whose reputation are in tatters not of their own doing but mans undoing in transforming man's best friend as vicious killer. Was it the intent of the Republican to portray Sarah Palin as a vicious Pitt Bull with a twist for wearing a lipstick? Kind of catchy except at a time when America is reeling from economic uncertainty deserves better than this style of campaign of who can best attack their political opponent viciously like a Pit Bull.

I don't know about you but whoever came up with the idea of the Pitt Bull with Lipstick for Sarah Palin probably has not seen National Geographic on Michael Vick's Pit Bulls where some of the most vicious are being rehabilitated at Best Friends Animal Society. They are doing an amazing job of showing the world how wrongly the Pitt Bulls are perceived and that even the most vicious can be redeemed. That is just cruel...... Pit Bulls have feelings too and they should consider how they feel. Can you imagine the horror of being identified with politicians? Ok that's an exaggeration, lol.

Even celebrities are ranting at the focus and direction of the campaign going the route of personality than issues that affects people walking their dogs’ errr people from all walks of life. Come to think of it something odd is really going on and I couldn't agree more with Whitney in this post with an apt tile at Mollygood "You Know Something's Wrong When A Lohan Is The Only Person Making Any Sense."

It is about time to stop being a Pit Bull with lipstick or not but one thing that is worrisome is Sarah Palin's stand on no abortion even on rape and incest cases. On the flip side the only advantage I can see from this is Jerry Springer will be happy and will not have a problem finding dysfunctional guest and subject such as “My dad is my Grandpa and my moms daugther and son are my half sister and half brother but also my cousins and I am a niece or nephew to them.”

Sarah Palin’s extremist view on abortion will definitely have a very serious impact and consequence on indigenous women. Indigenous women are at risk likely to be raped or sexually assaulted 2.5 times more than any other women as reported by Amnesty International, and 86% of the perpetrators are “non-natives.”

In a report titled: "Maze of Injustice: The Failure to Protect Indigenous Women from Sexual Violence in the USA" a number of rape cases are not prosecuted due to under funding and other problems, which I quote:

Tribal law enforcement agencies are chronically under-funded – federal and state governments provide significantly fewer resources for law enforcement on tribal land than are provided for comparable non-Native communities. The lack of appropriate training in all police forces -- federal, state and tribal -- also undermines survivors’ right to justice. Many officers don’t have the skills to ensure a full and accurate crime report. Survivors of sexual violence are not guaranteed access to adequate and timely sexual assault forensic examinations which is caused in part by the federal government’s severe under-funding of the Indian Health Service.

The Federal Government has also undermined the authority of tribal governments to respond to crimes committed on tribal land. Women who come forward to report sexual violence are caught in a jurisdictional maze that federal, state and tribal police often cannot quickly sort out. Three justice systems -- tribal, state and federal -- are potentially involved in responding to sexual violence against Indigenous women. Three main factors determine which of these justice systems has authority to prosecute such crimes:

- whether the victim is a member of a federally recognized tribe or not;

- whether the accused is a member of a federally recognized tribe or not; and

- whether the offence took place on tribal land or not.

The answers to these questions are often not self-evident and there can be significant delays while police, lawyers and courts establish who has jurisdiction over a particular crime. The result can be such confusion and uncertainty that no one intervenes and survivors of sexual violence are denied access to justice.

Tribal prosecutors cannot prosecute crimes committed by non-Native perpetrators. Tribal courts are also prohibited from passing custodial sentences that are in keeping with the seriousness of the crimes of rape or other forms of sexual violence. The maximum prison sentence tribal courts can impose for crimes, including rape, is one year. At the same time, the majority of rape cases on tribal lands that are referred to the federal courts are reportedly never brought to trial.

As a consequence Indigenous women are being denied justice. And the perpetrators are going unpunished.

Sarah Palin has a strong faith and there is nothing wrong with that which is a good thing but the problem if ever she lands the no. 2 spot in the US, is her belief of "god's plan" and the Jihad's own belief are in direct violent contradiction on a collision course with the Muslim extremist. It’s bad enough that the Muslim extremist wants to convert the world through terrorism and the extremist Christians reacting with equal violence all because of salvation just don’t make sense at all. The prospect of building world peace amidst a backdrop of a never ending clash of civilization will be in jeopardy with no resolution in sight. The video below was before she was nominated as John McCain's VP, how she feels about it now and her acceptance speech seems to indicate that what she said before may still be true today.
Pray for our military men and women who are striving do to what is right. Also for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders, are sending them out on a task that is from God. That's what we have to make sure that we're praying for -- that there is a plan, and that plan is God's plan.

Sarah Palin really needs to face the press and answer their questions instead of attacking the media to dispel the rumors and the longer she leaves them hanging gossip tabloids are having a heyday. There is also this letter from Anne Killkenny a Wasilla resident who is not afraid to speak out that is totally different from how Sarah Palin is packaged which can be found here. The letter was cited by NY Times and PolitiFact weighing in on the letter and confirming that Anne Kilkenny is a real person. Maybe it is time to hear her straight from the heart and bring the focus back on relevant issues that affects people’s lives. But then again maybe that is irrelevant when media focuses on dirt like the “Madrassa” school that Barack Obama allegedly went but debunked as utterly false by CNN.

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