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Filipino heritage to be recognized in California

The office of California Assembly member Warren Furutani announced that a joint resolution in the assembly, which formally recognizes the important contributions of Filipino and Filipino Americans to the history and cultural heritage of California, successfully passed the Legislature and was officially adopted as Resolution Chapter 131 last week.

AJR 65 passed both houses of the Legislature with strong bipartisan support, it was said.

"Filipinos have had a strong presence in California, since their first recorded arrival in 1587, yet the role that
they have played throughout the state's history is often marginalized, if not forgotten," Furutani said.

A critical part of that forgotten history includes the leadership of Filipino farm workers like Philip Vera Cruz and Larry Itliong, who initiated the earliest grape strike in 1965, setting in motion the organization of the legendary United Farm Workers movement. Agbayani Village, a retirement facility for elderly Filipino farm workers who fought for the very labor rights and freedoms we enjoy today, still stands at Forty Acres in Delano. However, historical sites like these and cultural centers like Manilatowns and Filipinotowns throughout the state continue to be challenged by the pressures of urban renewal, redevelopment, and decay.

Furutani added: "It is incumbent upon our state and local governments to preserve, protect, and restore the culturally and historically significant sites and communities that are important to the identity of Filipino and Filipino Americans as a community and our collective history."

AJR 65 expresses the state's commitment to preserving the important legacy of Filipino and Filipino Americans, and it is supported by a broad-based coalition of advocates, academics, and community organizations.

Assemblymember Warren T. Furutani (D-Gardena) represents the 55th Assembly District, which includes the cities of Carson, Harbor City and the Harbor Gateway, Wilmington, and parts of Long Beach and Lakewood. His office can be reached at Tel. 916-319-2055 or at Assemblymember.Furutani@assembly.ca.gov.

Posted by D. Grava

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