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Kalokohan errr Caloocan Congressional Candidate Dale Agoncillo Malapitan

If we go by the folly of Grace Poe’s illusory take on political dynasty with her delicadeza panacea to dissuade clan members of political family from running, this one trumps her solution making her appear neither here nor there, LOL.

Dale “Along” Malapitan is the son of Oca Malapitan former lower house of Lolong este Congress representative now running for mayor while Along the son former councilor and Bagong Barrio Barangay Chairman takes over his position. There is a reason why there is a constitutional provision imposing term limits on elective position but just the same they skirt the term limits by playing a game of political musical chair within the family. They do this knowing fully well that said practice is shameless with utter disregard for propriety or delicadeza. The term limit is very specific and yet trapos deliberately skirts this by going around it, gaming the system like a Mafiosi. If the trapos are disrespecting and criminally neglecting passage of the enabling law on the constitutional prohibition of political dynasty how exactly will the trapos police themselves thru delicadeza as Grace Poe proposed is beyond me.

Barangay being the smallest unit of government an ancient relic of the past feudal age resurrected by the conjugal Marcos dictatorship and retained by Cory Aquino is the most useless government unit that is nothing but an added burden to the taxpayers. Hit hard are property owners where local Barangays get a percentage of the revenue collected from the property tax whose main function is really to act as the politician’s grassroots machinery. We the people shoulder the election expense so these idle people with plenty of time in their hands are given government authority when they are really useless in terms of curbing criminality because at times some are even involve not in preventing crimes but actually committing heinous criminal acts themselves like the proverbial fox guarding the chicken coop.

The problem with pea brained people when given police like power and authority to apprehend minors for vagrancy is that some of these Barangay Chairmen think that they have the authority and power to release their sexual perversion and sick predatory pedophilia upon their apprehended hapless victims. Back in April 12, 2008, “Mila” who was then a 16 year old minor together with her then 14 year old cousin on their way home in Bagong Barrio was apprehended for violating the curfew for minors by Barangay tanods Joselito Lim, Roderick Antonio and Danilo Bautista, and barangay councilman Pedro Tolentino, “Larry,” “Michael” and several John Does headed by then Barangay Chairman Dale “Along” Malapitan. Mila narrated that instead of being castigated and given a sermon for being out late they were forced to drink alcohol and ordered to obey whatever Along Malapitan tells them to do. This is a serious allegation and if true have they not heard of corruption of minors especially coming from one with the power and authority of a government cloak at that forcing minor to drink alcohol? Forcing minors to drink alcohol is already a serious offense because alcohol has a tendency to makes even mature women lose control and vulnerable to rape, what more with minors in the hands of pedophiles? Mila further narrated that she was brought to the toilet and raped by Along Malapitan and the uncle of the Barangay Chairman allegedly the brother of Along’s father then took her and her cousin to a motel where they were again raped.

This case highlights what is wrong with our government institutions because of ignorant people and power tripping criminal minded elected officials gaming the system. So “Mila” being a minor at the time became a ward of the DSWD, she is the victim here and not the juvenile in conflict with the law so what gives. The sad part is after spending three and a half year with DSWD she learned that the case was dismissed not having a clue how her case was “dismissed.” She felt like she was imprisoned and rightly so because in her 3 ½ years stay at DSWD no one even thought of continuing her education of which she has only reached 2nd grade? So how come juveniles in conflict with the law are sent back home immediately after they are arrested and yet held “Mila” for the longest time until her case was dismissed, does it smell something fishy here or what?

Without the support of the Women’s Advocacy for Gender Equality (WAGE) and my Facebook friend IBP spokeswoman Trixie Cruz-Angeles taking her case pro-bono, we would not have learned about “Mila’s” ordeal. Something like that you would have expected a happy ending but not in a society where endemic corruption seems hopelessly rampant and out of control. In order for Trixie to help “Mila” with her case she needs to get hold of the court case documents to study and review what legal options are available for “Mila.” But lo and behold DSWD refused to hand over the legal documents to Trixie or the victim (she being 21 years old now) on the grounds that it was confidential because at the time of the incident the victim was a minor. True the victim was a minor back then but when she turns 21 everything changes and what law were they citing if I may ask that prohibits releasing court documents pertaining to the victim itself even if she was a minor requesting of a copy of her own court case? As if that is not dumb enough the response Trixie was getting was that the lawyers of DSWD are studying if they can release the documents to the victim or her lawyers is just the height of stupidity. Either that or they are hiding something from the victim now that she was able to get a lawyer representing her?

So skeptics are asking why only now when Along Malapitan is running for a congressional seat, is this not tainted with politics so they ask. Really now, well if these political families stop running for office which is like every 3 year cycle we will not have a problem with timing is it not? Instead of questioning the timing as if it will just help their opponents should we not welcome this so that we are able to know the kind of people we are voting in office who really don’t deserve even a Metro Aide position since they can’t be trusted for their predatory pedophilia? But then again if convicted pedophile like Romeo Jalosjos can shamelessly go out in public campaigning and even endorsing candidates as if they are the exemplary leaders of the nation and dumb BOBOtantes keep on voting for them where are we really headed?

The problem is how can we blame the BOBOtante when they are really left with no choice but the same rotten names they see like a recurring nightmare haunting them? Perhaps we should really seriously consider lobbying for an anabling law defining political dynasty and for once make a concerted and conscious no not unconscious, hehehe effort at following the rules and laws without trying to always look for exceptions as in they don't apply to me or us but just them.

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