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Marjorie Baretto & the Ridikulas Anti-CyberBOSO Law

Talk about ridikulas (ridiculous male)and ridikulasa (ridiculous female) in the pathetic Kalokohan errr Caloocan politics of the absurd and sex scandals that they get themselves entangled. If these are the characters that trapo politics has to offer the BOBOtante of Caloocan City better known as the Kalokohan City it is doomed to fail right before it starts.

What’s up with that city anyway that seems to have a long history of politicians getting involved in criminality? The latest of which was the arrest of former Representative Oca Malapitan’s chief of staff and his men for stealing voters list. As if that is not bad enough the son Dale Malapitan is the subject of a pedophile rape accusation a former Barangay Chairman now running to take over his dad’s old post in Tongress.
Now we have Marjorie Baretto a member of the city council of Kalokohan wanting to accuse bloggers of voyeurism over a photo she claims was faked, to quote:
No, that’s not me. I would never do something like that. That’s not my nature.
I just don’t know if she realized her lies errrr denial might not fly if she tries to go after bloggers downloading and uploading her pictures on their blog for voyeurism?  So now her lawyer Lorna Kapunan alleges that she did not see her picture at the time she denied it and only realized it was her when it went viral. Really, most people don’t just blurt out denials without first checking, especially if it was a picture of her, LOL.

It is amazing how this dumb porno errrr anti-photo and video voyeurism made it into a law unlike the Cyber Libel Bill that met stiff opposition from netizens. But then again since we hired time and again nincompoop legislators mostly coming from political dynasties, can we really expect them to come up with sensible legislation? Trapos with criminal Mafiosi mindset handed a couple of unaudited hundred millions of pesos at their disposal for the duration of their term surely is a distraction to get the job done right.

The keyword here is offensive and as soon as I saw the picture I must admit I was truly offended. No I am not offended by the blogger but the picture of Marjorie, hehehe. While it probably will pass Philippine Playboy Magazine’s one nipple initial offering, it definitely not get published. It will be rejected for her matronly appearance that is on the fatty side in a trying hard lewd pose that is really offensive to the eye skewing my sense of aesthetic appreciation of the body form. It seems that Marjorie Baretto’s lawyer Lorna Kapunan is really serious in running after bloggers based on this warning I picked up on FB over a video parody of her client:
Dear Mr. Blogger,

We write on behalf of our client, Ms. Marjorie Barretto. You posted the very private photos of our client, and maliciously disseminated it to the public. Please note that your act of posting the photos of our client is a clear violation of our client's Constitutional right to privacy and a blatant defiance of Republic Act No. 9995 also known as the "Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism Act of 2009." You committed a criminal offense and should be held liable. Be informed that RA 9995 clearly and categorically punishes the act of publishing or broadcasting, or causing to be published or broadcasted, whether in print or broadcast media or through the internet, the photo of a person showing her private areas.
To emphasize, the subject photos were intended not to be made public and your dissemination of this photos was without our client's consent. NBI is already investigating this matter. We ask that you immediately remove the photos of our clients. Otherwise, we will also be constrained to file the necessary actions against you. 

8466247 to 51. 
The comment by Marjorie's lawyer led me to the disgusting picture in question, so does that mean I am a "voyeur" because I saw it and she is culpable in aiding and abetting a "voyeur?" LOL. Seriously, if there is anyone that is really culpable here it is no other than the one who took the picture and who has possession of the amateurish lame attempt at Boudoir. Asking the help of the NBI for something as silly as this is just as pathetic as it can get. Who does Marjorie think she is, Paris Hilton? No I take that back, even Paris Hilton (remember the sex tape bought at storage auction?) does not make demands like what Marjorie does and even Katrina Halili if we have this law back then I doubt if she will demand that the NBI launch a “major investigation,” LOL. No wonder the NBI has not solve any major or high profile crime lately, they are busy attending to the whims and caprice of the offended feeling entitled trapos like Baretto. If the NBI really goes after bloggers, I wonder if the next thing she will ask is for the NBI to investigate who is telling the truth in their family rift that’s gone so public in what is supposed to be a private family affair.

Marjorie Baretto’s lawyer Lorna Kapunan says she has a right to privacy, I agree but when one chose to become a celebrity and a politician personal privacy as we know it goes out the window. Talk about privacy when this is a family that provides a signed letter as if it was an affidavit to the tabloids and gossip columnist supposedly intended only to family members accusing each other of all sort of things. So it is alright to wash their dirty linen in public but voyeurism when scandalous pictures go viral? 

Well if the liemakers can shove in our throats a shotgun type law like anti-voyeurism perhaps we should also demand a law that punishes exhibitionist for being offensive, LOL. So offensive that I felt I will go blind looking at that picture of a fatty matron, hehehe. Make no mistake about it the way this law was written makes anyone vulnerable from harassment or worse extortion, to quote a lawyer’s interpretation
The prohibition under paragraphs (b), (c) and (d) shall apply notwithstanding that consent to record or take photo or video coverage of the same was given by such person/s. Any person who violates this provision shall be liable for photo or video voyeurism as defined herein. (Section 4)
I doubt they will succeed in convicting any blogger but this is the Philippines where court of justice looks more like an auction house so I will be really threading carefully. So vague is the Anti-Photo and Video Voyeurism that even Janarah's calendar may get you in trouble. What is ironic here is if you are a blogger that uploaded Marjorie Baretto’s offensive to the eye picture and got in trouble for it. Can you imagine spending 3 to 7 years in prison or a fine of P100K to P500K, or heaven forbid both? All that for a lousy matron on the fatty heavy side looking picture and you get to be labeled as a convicted voyeur? Ouch…….. but blogging is all about sharing and with CyberBOSO Law in place, that’s what I call RIDIKULAS and if you are a female blogger RIDIKULASA, LOL.
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