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Grace Poe & Her Brand of Delicadeza

Some people and members of Team Pinoy campaign believes that Grace Poe deserves a senate seat but what exactly qualifies her to a seat in the upper house of TONGress errr legislative is a million dollar question. This begs us to question if having a famous action star actor father who lost a presidential bid qualifies the daughter to an elective post?

Perhaps it is how the article was written and if it is the writer did her a disservice because she really sounded like she was winging it and don’t really know squat what she was talking about in attacking the “Anti-Political Dynasty Bill” daw, LOL. I wonder what bill she is yapping about because technically speaking there is no bill to speak of when those that were introduced did not even reach first reading, hehehe.

The idiocy never stops there and just like a poker player with a losing hand shoving all her chips in the middle against an opponent holding the nuts she just keeps on going with her arguments that political dynasties exist even in advance democracies like Europe and the US. What she forgot or perhaps did not know is that unlike those advance democracies with political dynasties they don’t have a constitutional provision prohibiting political dynasty. Determined to lose all her chips and even the shirt on her back she offers her unrealistic “genius” like solution to stop the few ruling elite families from forming a political dynasty by delicadeza. Delicadeza she says and when if I may ask has delicadeza been observed by shameless trapos in the Philippines, is she on some strong stuff or something? Is she going to author and introduce a “Delicadeza Bill” if she gets elected?

This early she seems to be catching on with the trapo degenerate thinking and like the shameless greedy members of political dynasties that sees the constitutional prohibition to be exclusionary she brings the arguments up a notch that the “bill” is anti-democratic. Obviously this woman is running solely on the basis of her father’s popularity and has no clue why there is a constitutional prohibition on political dynasty.

While there are political dynasties in Europe and the US they were there because of their exemplary public service. Unlike in the Philippines where political and economic power has a tendency to concentrate in the hands of the few ruling Trapo families because we live in a semi-feudal society mired in poverty in a political system that is anchored on patronage and personality. When politics becomes a family entrepreneurial business profit center how exactly does Grace think that they will withdraw out of delicadeza? We have not heard anyone do that since her dad the late FPJ was a young struggling actor and if there are classy people acting with delicadeza they are more of an exception than the rule.

This is not a question of some are good and some are bad. Also don’t believe what your future kulig este colleague Nancy Binay says that it’s all about branding or family brand because a katuray by any other name is still a katuray, it is still ugly and smells nauseous, LOL. In advance democracies there is really no need to prohibit political dynasties because there is a sense of propriety but just because it works there it does not mean it will work in the Philippines even if you legislate “delicadeza.”

She obviously was not paying attention or she is really clueless on what kind of society we are living in and why the prohibition on political dynasty was included in the constitution. While some will argue that we need to change our constitution, it is so far well written in terms of leveling the political playing field. In order to ensure equal access to governance and give the marginalized a shot at the legislative process, the party list system was adopted to allow the poor marginalized sector (now even the political marginalized as reinterpreted by the auction house este Supreme Court are allowed) access to the legislative process otherwise unreachable even in a multi-party system. In order to level the playing field even more we have switched from the exclusionary 2 party system to a multi-party system thus allowing more leaders to win elective positions. In order to ensure that deserving genuine leaders of the people are given a fighting chance the constitution prohibits political dynasty but left it hanging when they leave it for congress to pass an enabling law. Now more than 2 decades and a half of passing the constitution our lawmakers has deliberately ignored passing an enabling law defining political dynasty that will once and for all settle the legal question of the degree of consanguinity and affinity, and Grace Poe expects delicadeza to stop the proliferation of political dynasties? But then again hearing delicadeza from one who is running based on the popularity of her late father who had never held even a lowly public office but a legacy of action flicks is not exactly kosher. She says that voters should be given the choice, this choice is actually very limiting when the voters see the same names every election. If that is how she sees voters choice then we have a problem because that is not exactly giving the voters a choice if we go by what the framers of our constitution envisioned……
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