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We Voted Wisely & Political Dynasty Won Again!

So another election has come and gone, and while some things remain the same this one seems to be less violent than before. Perhaps this calls for a celebration that should make us kind of teary eyed like what convicted pedophile Romeo Jalosjos is feeling right now over ex-convict plunderer Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s win against Alfredo “Dirty Harry” Lim in Manila’s mayoralty contest. Imagine the boost and hope an ex-convict gives fellow convicted criminals who now see the need to get a presidential pardon. The best is yet to come if you ask the trapos because this is another expensive commodity in the family enterprise profit center in the business of politics that can be peddled by backdoor operators.
What an achievement and an “honor” for Manila to have elected Erap the 10th most corrupt leaders in recent history. I could not imagine the joy and pride of the people in the city having a former president although ousted and jailed at that for plunder happily going down as a cell block mayor errr Mayor of the city. A last hurrah he says while having the illusion errrr feeling like he is Batman in Gotham City but some says he should have compared himself with the Penguin since he walks like his (Lo)long lost twin brother.

If there are plans to celebrate Erap’s victory on the account of being the 10th most corrupt leader in recent history, they should hold it off because the family of the 2nd most corrupt also won hands down in the solid north. Should Ilocos Norte proudly celebrate their stupidity errr voting for Imee Marcos as governor and Imelda Marcos the other half of the conjugal dictatorship with the prestigious honor as the 2nd most corrupt leader in recent history or maybe hold it off until Gloria Arroyo’s conviction?

We do not know yet if Gloria Arroyo will also rank in the most corrupt in the world and that remains to be seen or until the outcome of her plunder case is known. But for someone responsible for the conviction of Erap as a plunderer and now faces the same charges is really ironic but nothing surprises the people anymore in this trapo dominated nation. So which city or province deserves the honor of being crowned having the “best” corrupt leader, is it Manila, Ilocos Norte, or Pampanga. Pampanga has an edge because aside from accused plunderer Gloria Arroyo the province that holds the honor of being the Jueteng capital of the Philippines is now under the hands of Jueteng Dynasty errrr the Pineda mother and son team. Inang Jueteng at anak ng jueteng plus an incarcerated accused plunderer, what more can they ask for?

There are other provinces that should be in the "Honorable" special mention short list like Dinagat Island courtesy of fugitive convicted parricidal maniac Ruben Ecleo, Jr. There are also those ruled by war lords like Johaira Midtimbang Ampatuan wife of Zaldy Ampatuan winning 98% of the votes cast unbelievable as it is retaining her mayoral post in Datu Foffer Ampatuan town.  Although Ilocos Norte hands down can’t be dislodged by Ilocos Sur what with arsonist Bingbong Crisologo opting to represent a district in Quezon City  they have Hong Kong ex-convict Ronald Singson regaining his old post he got expelled from when he was sentenced to a jail term in Hong Kong. If that is not ridiculous I don’t know what is anymore and just because he was convicted outside the country does that mean he was allowed to vie for electoral post again? Oh I get it, since we celebrate criminal OFWs once we get them out of jail in the country where they were convicted, are we supposed to also see Singson as a returning “hero?”  On the other hand it is worth mentioning that Zamboanga may soon lose out on the "Honorable" list because only one Jalojos won out of 10(?).

Funny but every time there is an election we always see, hear, read about voting wisely to a saturation point enough to make one really examine their choice of candidates. But is there really a choice when local and national candidates came from the same families to which they fool the people into believing that they are just like a brand and not political dynasties. There are good and bad political dynasty so they say, really? The mere fact that they disrespect the constitutional prohibition of political dynasty due to the absence of an enabling law to which they are solely responsible in killing any bill even before the first reading tells a lot about their criminal hypocrisy. Under this trapo dominated election wherein our choice are limited to political families or dynasties can we honestly say we did our duty to the country by voting wisely or did we just become part of the problem for allowing the travesty and mockery of the democratic process?

Some people say we have to respect the outcome of the election because the people have spoken, really? If there were no vote buying and the trapos actually passed enabling laws on the prohibition of political dynasty and reform the electoral system wherein one does not have to spend a fortune, then we can honestly say that the people has spoken. As it is right now demanding respect is akin to forcing people to go to a seminar on honesty and integrity conducted by a congenital liar, a crook, and a scam artist, LOL. One thing really stands out here, in the old days our criminals used to mimic the Mafias but now it’s the other way around. The Mafias has a lot to learn from our trapos and political dynasties or La Famiglia on how to dominate and control a whole nation instead of just a seedy corner or a strip of territory in a city.
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