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Arnold Clavio, Crying like a Little Girl

Arnold Clavio in his Hirit Na column at Abante is crying like a little girl over Mar Roxas’ refusal to follow the shows format. A couple’s format he says, no not the couplings but rather his guest will be interviewed on tape together with their partners, husband, wife, or in the case of Loren “Political Butterfly” Legarda who obviously cannot bring one of her ex-husbands went with her eldest children.

True the entire guest during the taped interview was with someone such as Nicolas Perlas with his only kid, Jamby Madrigal with French husband Erik Valade, JC Delos Reyes with wife Dunia, Bayani Fernando with wife Mayor Marides, Jewjomar Binay with wife Dra. Elenita, Atty. Jun Chipeco with his wife and of course Loren Legarda as mentioned earlier, except for Mar Roxas who went with Korina Sanchez to the station but did not allow Clavio to do the taped interview together with Korina.

How dare Mar Roxas refused to abide by the format so he says acting like a Prima Donna (or was it Don, lol), inarte (acting up) he says because at the last minute Roxas had his own conditions for Korina’s appearance:

  1. The segment will feature them as the only guest and no one else.
  2. The show will air only after the election.
Since it will be their first time to be interviewed together and outside of Korina’s network at that, Mar Roxas set the above conditions. Was Mar Roxas too demanding or acting up or is Clavio trying to pin the blame on others for his failure to persuade his guest to follow the shows format because of his makahiya errrr typical matampuhin mentality? Or was he crying in his failure to out scoop the competing network at the expense of Korina?

I say it is a reasonable condition, Clavio has to realize that Korina Sanchez works for the competition and it will put Sanchez on the spot with her network if she appears for the first time together with Mar Roxas outside of her outfit. Before people accuses me of being partial to Mar Roxas let me state clearly that I don’t support Mar Roxas or any candidate in this election with of course the exception of Among Ed, Grace Padaca, and Adonis Simpao running against Lady Le Cirque. I am an equal opportunity trapo basher but I draw the line when it comes to positive behavior, I will speak out against those who try to bring them down the muck with their dumb negativity for their hopefully just their shallow emotional partisanship and not getting paid for the spin.

Perhaps it is true that Mar Roxas did utter that being in the show with Atty. Perfecto Yasay is “cheap,” but Clavio’s state of mind makes me doubt that, and may have quoted Roxas out of context. This is on the premise that Roxas wanted to protect his wife's standings with her network and worse to have a non-contender on the same segment will of course have the negative effect on Mar's candidacy in the politics of perception. It is not to a man’s best interest to put his wife on the spot and himself going down along with it, reduced to being seen with a non-contender.

Boo ho ho, Clavio can cry like a little girl and he can vent his frustration as long as he wants but to tell his readers to vote accordingly based on his “hurt feelings” is asking for too much. Hello, the world does not revolve around you Clavio, so if you are trying to influence the voters preference on your shallow emotionalism, it is as dumb as it gets. In the first place it is Clavio’s show, he is in command and it is his responsibility to persuade his guest that the pre-condition to appear in his show is to stick to the format. It is not a live interview and he miserably failed in persuading Roxas to allow Korina in it so why is it the fault of Roxas? I say that it is very unprofessional for Clavio to blame others when he has only himself to blame for allowing the taping of Roxas without Korina, he could have said no since it was not a live interview anyway.

So when I saw this on Facebook posted by Esperidion B. Dimaculangan, I can’t help but respond and offered another perspective. It is obvious that Mar Roxas wanted to stand on his own merit and not about exploiting or be seen under the skirt of Korina Sanchez unlike those shameless others. Precisely why he wanted the show to air after the election, now can we say the same things on the opportunistic candidates who will even drugged errr drag their frail old mother into the fray?
I prefer Mar's refusal based on the conditions he set forth as against these shameless candidates willing to pay big bucks or even sell their souls to the devil so they can strut their ugly faces on the idiot box.

I love the way Nelson Fontanilla Bedayo responded at Facebook below:
@ Political Jaywalker - very well said. I agree with everything you had to say. your insight just showed the depth of your understanding and impartiality and no sane person would ever contradict the wisdom of your thoughts. 9 days to E-day, expect the dirtiest (and cheapest) of tactics to fly in every corner just to pin down the candidate they so abhor.
No not the “depth” of my “wisdom,” LOL….. But the part on sanity or sane person because from the looks of it in this particular election, quite a number of people even the candidates seem to have flew over the cuckoos nest.

The sad part is you know that they are shamelessly rooting for other candidates thus they try to smear whatever positive there is that we seldom see with our trapos. One of those candidates heaven forbid that they root for and also the Chizzy one Chiz Escudero (who withdrew for not getting the moolah from his boss Danding Cojuangco) is Jejomar Binay. True the guy was a former human rights lawyer during the dark days of Marcos dictatorship who was not treated as a serious contender is now surging in the polls but sadly did not go through the microscope like the rest. Solita Collas-Monsod has some nagging questions about Binay, a former human rights lawyer that is not exactly a high paying profession who has now built quite a fortune even overspending Erap in this campaign.

Seriously Mar Roxas has earned my respect when he showed his statesmanship giving in to the people's clamor for Noynoy. Their decision to scale down their wedding and donating the difference to Typhoon Ondoy victims is also admirable. Korina in this campaign is almost invisible and hardly seen and when she goes out she gets criticized by of all people the likes of Fertilizer scam suspect Joc Joc Bolante, who has no credibility whatsoever. It is unfair to attack him in this manner when the host himself did not follow the format by letting Mar go alone, and now he is crying like a little girl.... oh please Arnold, grow up will you.

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