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Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar & Mike Velarde’s Right of Way Controversy

When Noynoy Aquino stated clearly his stand on pardon, as a fundamental principle that if anyone committed a crime time should be served, and if punishment is not meted out, asked emphatically what will happen to us, Mikey Arroyo like Erap are of course not a happy camper. Especially so when they heard a presidential candidate with the likelihood of being elected to be very troubling as in feeling the noose tightening on their necks.
Troubling indeed to hear such remarks coming from a presidential contender on the opposite side of the political fence, so in a text message to Inquirer, reported by Gil Cabacungan Mikey Arroyo says a Noynoy Aquino presidency will be the hallmark for vindictiveness………. What? Does he expect the new administration not belonging to their La Famiglia de Mafioso to follow in the footstep of her mother dear in her “generosity” to grant presidential pardon left and right?

He wants people especially the Liberal Party to leave his daddy Mike Arroyo alone who is ill so he can recuperate in peace. I just don’t get it, why is it that in the Jueteng Republic errr the Philippines where one’s illness is reason enough to weasel out of getting questioned much less investigated for wrong doing.

In this fiesta errr election season we are once again subjected to an overload of misinformation and counter misinformation the likes of which makes Comical Ali or Goebbel’s looks like a nursery prank.

As usual we hear of charges and counter charges from opposing political camps as if they are clean as a whistle as in prim and proper yet of political butterfly kind and religious turncoat for marriage convenience Loren Legarda who converted to Islam so she can be one of the mistress errrrr “legal” wives of Leviste.

It is just so amazing how people of the AC DC or the ATM journalist kind have the gall to leave out facts and figures to put their candidates’ opponent in a bad light. Funny yet annoying when they lambaste Noynoy Aquino for the sins of Hacienda Luisita Inc. and yet in the spirit of ATM misinformation deliberately leave out details that are clearly more damaging to their candidates.

Something is really wrong with the P100.00 per square meter HLI charge the government and alleged short changing of the farmer beneficiaries in the proceeds of the sale and for that Noynoy Aquino is guilty? Guilty when he is just a minority stockholder who is not even involve in the management and day to day activities of HLI?

If we follow the logic of the inquisition like barrage of the money errr Manny Villaroyo camp as I have posted in one of the yahoo groups I just don’t frequent often anymore because it has become a spammers paradise of birther conspiracy nuts and 1st generation immigrant who are anti-immigrants, it should go like this:
HLI charged the government P100.00 per square meter for the SCTEX right of way of which Noynoy Aquino is a minority stockholder…… Noynoy is GUILTY!

Money errr Manny Villaroyo who owns and manage his real estate development proposed and lobbied when he was the house speaker till his senate presidency for C-5 even though there is an existing diversion road parallel to one funded by a foreign loan charged the government P10,000.00 per square meter for the right of way so 21 of his subdivisions will be on the road to perdition errr creating a windfall profit courtesy of taxpaying Juan dela Cruz……. more GUILTIER!

El Salakay errr Shaddai’s Mike Velarde charge the government a whooping P30,000.00 per square meter for the right of way………….. GUILTY as HELL!
Now why is it that the politicians and AC DC ATM journalist inquisitors in their white shining armor riding their white carabao seem to be so silent or selectively lambasting what could turn out to be the least guilty against those that might as well be outright thievery?

When Panfilo Lacson did his expose’ on the C-5 scam I asked him why is it that Mike Velarde was not included in his revelation, his answer was it has nothing to do with Velarde because it was a senate ethics question. Perhaps it is, unfortunately it loses its credibility when done selectively. But then again that is how it is in the land of Jueteng where the rule of man prevails or more specifically the rule of the present dispensatong errr dispensation turning the nation into a nationalize fiefdom.

Speaking of Mike Velarde the anti-condom pro-lifer who is now ruining errr running in the party-list system under the Buhay Party-list where his son is now on his third and last term Ramon Tulfo in his On Target column “Why are they afraid of Mike Velarde?” has a lot to say about the “man of God,” to quote:
One president, Erap, reportedly even facilitated the payment to you of P1.2 billion by the national government for the road right-of-way to your property, allegedly way beyond the market price of that piece of property at that time!
Mike Velarde’s run for the Party-List system definitely makes a mockery of the intent of representation for the under represented sector of the marginalized in our society. Worse Ramon Tulfo uncovers some unpleasant cases filed against Velarde that hopefully his gullible followers will take into consideration not just in this election but examine the very sect they belong to, to quote:
Records at the National Bureau of Investigation show that Mike Velarde has scores of estafa cases filed against him by different persons.

How do we know that he will not commit estafa against the government when he gets elected party-list representative?

I have nothing against Velarde. I haven’t had any personal dealings with him. I am not his former follower, either.

I am just surprised why a guy who talks about God on stage in front of millions of listeners can do so without puking when he has had estafa cases filed against him.
Estafa is swindling. Swindling is convincing people to part with their money by foul means. An estafador is worse than a killer who may have taken another person’s life because he was aggrieved.

But an estafador deliberately commits dishonesty through ruse.
From the looks of it why in the name of Lady Madaya are these people so quiet about the “man of god” when he got the most out of the right of way scam errr deal? It is bad enough that the Brotherhood of Jueteng of Mikey Arroyo and anak ng Jueteng errr son of allege Jueteng Lord Bong Pineda and godson to Gloria Arroyo Dennis Pineda, without shame nor decency games the Party-List system robbing the marginalized security guard sector of just representation, now we have Mike Velarde running on anti-condom platform kuno.

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