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Hope and Change Sweeps the Philippine Jueteng Republic

Is there really hope for change in the Philippine Jueteng Republic? Or is it just hoping against hope that the Philippine Jueteng Republic under the trapo rule will usher in change?

Although we hear trapos and wannabe trapos mouthing change nothing seems to indicate that we are on the road towards good governance free from the clutches of greedy corrupt maniacs ruining err running the republic. Looking at the front runners in the senate race we see the same jokers errr trapos leading the pack so is it a good sign or a bad omen?

On the bright side we can see quite a number of people hoping and working for change though it seems nasty it is also a lively partisan discourse in the presidential race. As if by a stroke of miracle (no not the Grarci kind but it might as well lead to it if the TONGelec errr Comelec does not get their act together especially with the computerized voting that will take place), the much hated trapos are touted by their followers as if they are the saviors out to rescue us from the fangs of corruption…. Except they seem to forget that they are the main culprit responsible for the state we are in.

Speaking of the devil errr the incorrigible oooops I meant the "infallible" kuno Comelec who thinks and act they are because they threaten those people doubting their ability to conduct a seamless electronic voting with libel for “maligning” daw their good name. Susmayosep, since when did they have a good name, or better yet since when did the Comelec earn the respect of the people? I just don’t know about you but if they can’t even monitor and properly account for the candidates advertising limitations, how can people expect them to count the votes accurately? We have a law that is crystal clear and yet they seem to complicate it with a very basic simple term of “paid by” and “paid for” as if one has to be a racket sayangtist errr rocket scientist to figure out if the candidates exceeded the limit allowed by law. Well, this is change alright, as in change from manual to electronic voting. I kust don’t know if that qualifies for the Obama change they ape and mouth but what remains to be seen is…… will the result be credible enough knowing the Comelec’s past fraudulent conduct that resulted in the Philippines having a president with a Garcified mandate. As if their past is not bad enough now there are talks of syndicates operating within the Comelec with the overpriced and grossly exaggerated needed volume on the secrecy folder. Yeah right like people are not aware of syndicates, just look at the number of bogus party-list and their nominees an indication that something’s crooking errr cooking all along.

What is interesting to note is that there seems to be a rise in the number of rebels with a cost, yeah you read it right, definitely not a typo as in running dogs for a fee looking like angry rebels without a cause. The hordes of rebels with a cost are seen on the internet berating and taunting those opposed not to their viewpoint but their chosen or was it the candidates choosing them but some wagging tongues says it was more of the politicians buying them, lol.

The majority political party PALAKA given to Bigo errr Gibo Teodoro their nominated fall guy err presidential candidate a former NPC only to quit as their chairman at the most crucial time is definitely not characteristic of a smart and competent one he is touted to be. The party is in disarray and disintegrating looking more like a croaking frog than what they want us to believe as the dominant party but rumor had it that it was all about the unreleased campaign kitty stashed somewhere that are causing the rats to scramble out of a sinking thief errrr ship. You have to give Bigo err Gibo credit though for his change mantra version on volunteerism of giving not but not getting funds from his volunteers. I just don't know if its more a new version of patronage politics where the "giving" is done by volunteers, lol..

They PALAKA strugglers’ errrr governors even formed their own group called “Palabra de Horror” errrr Honor, but some say it was more a call to those holding the purse as in where is the money. If that was not the case as some wagging tongue insists why did the Albay Gov. Joey Salceda who was one of the initiators and secretary general bolt out of the party.

The PALAKA is in a dire political situation, so bad that their presidential candidate is waging a word war against Prospero ‘Boy Nogie’ Nograles considered one of the warts errr party stalwart. Well, desperate time calls for desperate measure but of course even Nogie Boy is entitled to chant the change mantra according to my mole in the region. So desperate that he may actually be changing the way they buy errr conduct their campaign as shown below…..
So you see, change mantra has really infected the Philippine trapos even Nogie Boy seems to be bargaining nowadays, lol.

Photo courtesy: Toto Lozano

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